Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque Review~!

Hey Guys~!

I am always trying out new skin care products, and recently while shopping at Bloomingdale's, I spotted this. Basically it's a face mask that you can leave on overnight. This intrigued me, as a lover of face masks, and I've tried nothing like this before. I've used Kiehl's products in the past, but only hair care. Today I'll be reviewing this face mask that claims to have hydrating properties. So let's start~~!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

30 Day Anime Challenge {Day #18 Favorite Anime Quote}~!

Hey Guys~!

It's time for another entry in the anime challenge. Today I'll be sharing my favorite anime quote. Now there are a lot of anime quotes I like. Also I decided that Fairy Tail is taking a ton of these entries, so the quote won't be from there. So let's start~~!

Picture Day Tips~!

Hey Guys~!

For a lot of things in life, school ID, driver's licences, passports, etc, we need pictures taken. Today I'll be sharing some makeup and fashion tips to help you take the best picture possible. There won't be anything here about angles or lighting, because sometimes you have to take pictures head on. So let's start~~!

Makeup Tip #1: Don't Use Any Foundation or Powder with SPF 20 or Higher

This will cause your face to appear lighter than the rest of your body. It will look like your face doesn't belong to your body, and if you're pale like me you will look like a ghost. Instead, use something with either no SPF or low SPF, that way your face won't reflect light and look too light.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

30 Day Anime Challenge {Day #19 Favorite Female Anime Character}~!

Hey Guys~!

Today's post is supposed to be my favorite female anime character. However, I have already made a list of my favorite female anime characters, {click here to read that.} I wasn't sure if I should select a character from that list, or choose a character that wasn't on that list. You won't know what I chose to do just waiting here. So let's start~~!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nail Art Kit~!

Hey Guys~!

For a while I've been posting a lot of nail art tutorials here on my blog. On these tutorials I receive lots of questions about the tools I use and where I get them. Today I thought I'd share with you guys what I keep in my nail art kit. So let's start~~!

The biggest question I get is where I get my nail art brushes from, the answer may surprise you. I actually used cheap paint brushes from the dollar store. They actually work pretty well, and are inexpensive. Before I use them I make sure to rub them with Vaseline to prevent the nail polish from staining them. After I finish with the nail polish, I like to lightly clean the brushes with nail polish remover and cold water.

Next thing I have in my kit is my really old dotting tool. I got this a really long time ago, but you can find them at any beauty store or drugstore. Mines pretty dirty, but it works alright. If you can't find a dotting tool, toothpicks are the next best thing. Are used toothpicks a lot and they're great for more than just the dots. I've used them to make lines, both straight and squiggly ones.

For gradients I really enjoy using makeup sponges. They're really inexpensive, and super easy to find. I don't have a favorite brand to recommend.

I also have a large range of jewels and stickers. I bought this set of jewels on Amazon, they don't sell this specific one anymore, but there's a huge variety online. For applying jewels, I use a cuticle stick or tweezers. Stickers again most often at the drugstore. They're not my favorite things to use, but they really add a lot to the designs. Like the jewels I use a tweezers to apply them.

So that was everything in my nail art kit. I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it helpful. If you have anymore questions leave them in a comment down below, and I'll try to answer as soon as possible. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.


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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lorac Pro Palette Review~!

Hey Guys~!

We all know I've an addiction to buying eyeshadow palettes. For once I don't have an Urban Decay palette to review. Today I'll be reviewing my first palette from the company Lorac. I've heard a lot about the quality of their eyeshadows so I decided to try them out. In today's review I'll be talking about the original Lorac pro palette. So let's start~~!

Monday, September 14, 2015

What's in My Back to School Survival Kit~!

Hey Guys~!

I am back in school, like I assume most of you are. Besides carrying around my textbooks, binders, and pencils, I have this cute little pouch. Inside I keep what I call, my school survival kit. This is basically an emergency kit, containing what I need for school, besides my homework. So let's start~~!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Which Anime I Watched in Summer 2015 {Collaboration with Minae}~!

Hey Guys~!

Today I have another anime collaboration with Minae from Minae's Magical Nation. We'll each be sharing five anime we watched this summer. This post will be spoiler free, and each anime will get a mini review. Also not all of these anime are from the 2015 summer season. So let's start~~!

Owari no Seraph / Seraph of the End

Okay, this shouldn't have been a surprise, it's been in two favorites posts this summer. If you missed any of the praise I've given this anime, let me start with the plot. The vampires release a disease all over Japan, killing all the adults. The children that were left were taken into villages where they are forced to give up their blood to the vampires. The main characters, Yuichiro and Mikaela, create a plan for them and their friends to escape, however it goes horribly wrong and only Yuichiro escapes. A few years later, Yuichiro is training to join the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, and through a suspension, ends up in school. There are so many amazing characters in this series, you all know how much I love Shinoa, but honestly there isn't any character I think is pointless, generic, or that I overall dislike. Most vampire anime I've seen I've disliked, for example; Vampire Knight and Rosario + Vampire. This one is very unique in that it's more action focused rather than fan service. If you enjoy vampires, but don't want an anime version of Twilight, this is great for you.

Mirai Nikki / Future Diary

After hearing about this anime for a long time, and being recommended it tons of times, I decided to watch it. The story is about Yukiteru Amano, who is found keeping track of everything in his phone, "diary." One day a god names Deus announces a game to Yukiteru and eleven other players. The game is to find and kill the other diary owners in order to become god. Yuno is a girl in Yukiteru's class, who also has a diary, and vows to protect him in order for him to become god. I am a huge fan of psychological horror anime, and this one is no exception. There are so many twists and turns, your emotions with be all over the place, and you won't know who to trust. My favorite character has to be Uryu Minene, one of the diary owners. She initially doesn't trust anyone, but almost serves as a mentor for Yukiteru. Her character development is interesting to watch, one minute you'll be smiling and the next you just feel bad for her.  I will warn you that there is a good amount of gore and violence in this anime. On Hulu, where I watched it, is the censored version, so if you are interested, but squeamish, you should be fine.

Sword Art Online II

* To be as clear as possible, I only watched the first half of this anime. I tried to watch the second half, but I found it really boring and gave up *

Anyway this is the second season of Sword Art Online, and I liked it significantly more. The first half is about a game called Gun Gale Online, where some of the top players are somehow being killed. Kirito is sent in to investigate the game and there he meets Sinon. I've talked about how much I love Sinon in other anime posts, and honestly, the reason why I love this anime so much is because of Sinon. She struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, and I found her to be handled perfectly. It was written realistically and the acting made it realistic. If you actually like Sword Art, you will enjoy this. And if you're like me, and you didn't like the first season, try the second one out. 

The Fruit of Grisaia

I began this anime at the end of the summer, and I haven't finished it yet. My friend introduced me to this series and I so far really enjoy it. The story is about the students of Mihama Academy, five girls. One day a new student arrives, Kazami Yuiji, and I can't really say anything about him without spoiling the entire story. There are three seasons, I'm on the first one. I will say that there is some overly unnecessary fan service, but for me, the characters outshine the panty shots. Each of the girls have their own back story and personality, and I don't have a distinct favorite yet. I do enjoy this anime, but I can't fully recommend it till I finish it. 


My friend recommended this to me a while ago. Like a year ago. And now I finally watched it.

Another is about a class that is haunted by spirit and until the spirit is gone, the students and families of the students are in danger. If I explain anything else, I may spoil it, and I wouldn't want to for anyone interested. As I said earlier, I enjoy psychological horror. However I found the gore, even though it was censored, to be too much. The death scenes are over the top, which is good for creating a sense of urgency, but I just found them distracting from the plot and the characters. I felt that the story itself didn't matter because the writers and animators clearly spent more time on the death scenes. You knew when they were coming and it personally distracted me. The opening is one of my favorites, but it also doesn't sound like it fits the anime. Overall I thought it was okay, I've seen better and the gore was a bit much for me. 

I hope you all enjoyed today's post~! In the comments below, tell me which anime you have seen this summer / if you have seen any of the anime I talked about, let me know what you thought of them. I just realized this week was a lot of anime posts, and I'm sorry if that doesn't appeal to you. There will be a super cool fashion post coming out sometime next week so stay tuned for that. If you want to check out Minae's post, {click here.} Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.



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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

30 Day Anime Challenge {Day #17 Favorite Anime Weapon}~!

Hey Guys~!

Once again if I watched action anime, this would be easy. Today we're talking about anime weapons, and I do have a favorite which isn't from Fairy Tail. You guys should be proud of me. I will say that the reason this is my favorite is more because of the character, but I do love the weapon none the less. So let's start~~!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Kiss Gel Dress Review~!

Hey Guys~!

Today I have a review for a product I've never tried before, nail strips. If you don't know what they are, basically they are strips for your nails that come in tons of colors and designs. I've heard mixed reviews on them, and my friend gave me a set for my birthday. Now I'll be sharing what I think of them for you guys. So let's start~~!

Friday, September 4, 2015

YesStyle Wishlist~!

Hey Guys~!

I've been doing a ton of online shopping for school, and I thought I'd share some of the items I plan on purchasing. Today I'll be sharing clothing from the store YesStyle. I found this site while looking for places to buy Mori Girl fashion, which is one of my favorite clothing style. There will be a lot Mori Fashion in this wishlist, but also a few other things. So let's start~~!

Okay, this is just plain adorable. I love lace and bows, and I have a lot of blouses that would look nice with this. Or I'd wear it with an oversized sweater. 
Something else with lace~! I think this blouse would be really nice paired with a pleated skirt in another color or some jeans. The collar has a school uniform vibe, which I really like.

I am a sweater addict and this one is really comfy looking. I love the striped design and the color scheme. Also I love the cable knitting. I'd wear it with a collared shirt underneath, because I love the look of a collar poking out. 
I always liked plaid, but I'm pretty particular with the design. I like the design and the detailing of the bow and the lace trim really adds to it for me. It gives the plaid pattern and cuter look and I would wear this with a solid colored top. 

Again, this looks so comfortable. I like the color scheme, the grey with the blue, and I think the print is super cute. I'd wear this with leggings and some boots for a thrown together outfit that is still clean looking and cute. 

To be honest, I have no clue how I'd coordinate this with anything I own, but I just think it looks super cute. Also these would be really easy to DIY. Anyway I just love all the different patterns and buttons, it adds a whimsical look to the shorts.

I hope you all enjoyed my YesStyle wishlist~! I might buy a few of these, so let me know your opinion on what I should get in the comments below. Or just let me know which ones are your favorites. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.


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Thursday, September 3, 2015

30 Day Anime Challenge {Day #16 Favorite Anime Attack}~!

Hey Guys~!

It is time for Day #16 of the challenge and the question is, 'What is your favorite anime attack?' I think I mentioned before that I don't watch a lot of action anime, so I didn't have many attacks to choose from. Therefore this post will probably be the shortest of the entire challenge. Now, if you have read a majority of my anime related posts, you can probably guess where this attack is coming from. So let's start~~!

If the introduction didn't give it away, my favorite anime attack is from Fairy Tail. And from my Fairy Tail related posts, my favorite character is Juvia. So obviously my favorite attack is one of Juvia's. And from a while back, I posted my favorite anime couples, and one of them was Gray and Juvia. If you watch Fairy Tail you may know what attack made it to this list.

Yes, my favorite anime attack is Wings of Love, also know as Gray-sama Love! Basically the reasons I like it are the reasons I already mentioned. So I really don't know what else to talk about. . . I just really like water magic, and if I had one of the elements as a power, it would be water.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post~! In the comments below, let me know what your favorite anime attack is, I love hearing you guys' opinions. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Favorites 2015~!

Hey Guys~!

It's September, which means I am about to start school and that summer is almost over. I'm going to be starting my senior year of high school, so I have a lot going on. Because I've been so busy, I haven't been able to try a ton of new products, but I do have some makeup, skincare, accessories and anime favorites. So let's start~~!

 ★。、:*:。.:*:・’゜☆。.:*:★ Makeup ★。、:*:。.:*:・’゜☆。.:*:★

L'Oreal Magic Beautifier B.B. Cream
{click here to read the review}
I haven't used this in a while, and now I don't know how I could live without this. The color matches my skin perfectly, which is hard for me. It feels really light on the skin and blends to a natural skin finish. 

City Color Sun Kissed Trio in Bronzed Peach
{click here to read the review}
This has been my favorite blush and highligher to use. I don't use the bronzer that much, but the other two products I've been wearing all the time. The highlighter isn't glittery, which I like, and the blush has a nice sheen. They look great together and bring life to my face. 

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate
{click here to read the review}
I've had dry lips recently, so this month I wore this over any lipsticks. It's moisturizing and offers great pigmentation. There are a variety of shades, but I love this coral pink color on my lips and skin tone. It really just goes with any look. 

★。、:*:。.:*:・’゜☆。.:*:★ Skincare ★。、:*:。.:*:・’゜☆。.:*:★

Lush Grease Lightning
While at my local Lush, the employee recommended me this product as a spot treatment. I noticed this working immediately. It has a gel texture that isn't drying like normal acne treatments are to my skin. Obviously it will work differently for everyone, so just ask for a sample to try. 

★。、:*:。.:*:・’゜☆。.:*:★ Fashion and Accessories ★。、:*:。.:*:・’゜☆。.:*:★

Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon Luna Purse
{click here to read the review}
Ever since I got it, this has been my everyday purse. It goes with anything and everything, and I've gotten a ton of compliments on it. I assumed it would get damaged or scratched, but it's really durable. Now I want all the other colors that the purse comes in. 

★。、:*:。.:*:・’゜☆。.:*:★ Anime ★。、:*:。.:*:・’゜☆。.:*:★

Seraph of the End

This month I finished this anime, and it is now one of my top favorites. For me, vampire anime are a hit or a miss, and this is a definite hit. I love all the characters, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Shinoa. She's adorable, we are the same height, we both can't drive, and we both want to be magical girls. Basically she's my future cosplay plan. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this past month's favorites~! This past month was insanely busy, but one of the best months ever. Alluring Alyss Beauty now has 100+ Lovelies and I never thought I'd be able to say that. I started this blog expecting no one to read it, and I can't thank all of you enough. You're all so sweet and hearing from you guys brightens my day. As a thank you, there will be a giveaway soon, so be on the look out for that. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.



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