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Top Nine Love Live! Girls w/ Minae~!

Hey Guys~!

Who remembers when Minae and I would collaborate~? We both missed writing together, and thought a great way to get back into it would be to count down our top nine (since there are nine of them) Love Live girls. This was really hard for me, because my favorites kind of get muddled together. So let's start~~!

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Quick disclaimer, these are my opinions, and if you favorite isn't ranked highly, I'm sorry.

9. ) Honoka
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I just never liked Honoka. I kind of find her to be annoying, and when I play the game I always get tons of Honoka cards, instead of cards that I do want. It honestly drives me crazy.

8. ) Hanayo
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Even though she seems to be low on my list, I really love Hanayo. I find myself relating to her issues on body image. My main thing with her is I just find her voice a little too high for my taste. I do like her song Nawatobi, but I don't really like her solos.

7. ) Kotori
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I just realized my bottom three are all from Printemps. . . I don't know why I like Kotori more than Hanayo, honestly they are probably tied. When I first heard of Love Live, Kotori was my favorite girl cause I thought her design was cute,  but I kind of find her personality boring.

6. ) Nico
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Don't really know how to explain my feelings about Nico, cause she often shifts around in my list. I love her song Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita! from the Angel Nico event, I think it's super catchy and the English translation is really cute.

5. ) Eli
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One of my favorite singing voices in the entire group is Eli's. Angelic Angel is such an amazing song, but honestly anything Eli is in sounds lovely. Like Nico, Eli often moves around in my list. After organizing my list, I feel like Eli should be a little higher, mainly cause she's part of my Love Live OTP. . .

4. ) Rin
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Another one of my favorite voices in the group. I love her thing with cats, cause I love cats. The entire Love Wing Bell episode where Rin is struggling with her femininity was honestly one of my favorites. Not fully related but the Rin in my cosplay group is such a fun person, and suits Rin so much, that it makes me love Rin more.
3. ) Umi
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You'll quickly be able to realize who my favorite subunit is now. . .Anyways I always liked Umi. I thought her more serious personality balanced out the group. At the same time, she has a lot of funny moments. I love her singing voice, especially in Binetsu Kara Mystery and Susume Tomorrow. And like Rin, my friend who cosplays Umi makes me love Umi.

2. ) Maki
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When I started the anime, Maki was number one on my list. I always liked tsundere characters, which you would know if you've read any of my anime related posts, and Maki is no exception. I love her singing voice, there are so many songs of her's that I love.

1.) Nozomi
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If you know me, or follow my Instagram, then you would know who my favorite is. Before I talk about her character, I just love cosplaying as her. First of all, I love how I look with purple hair. Second, the three outfits I've done of her's so far, school uniform, cyber, and cheer, I've had such fun experiences in all of them. Third, I've met such amazing friends while cosplaying Nozomi.

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Onto why I like Nozomi. . .I find her 'motherly' personality really relatable, cause she's always looking out for her friends and trying to help them, and I try to do the same. I always had an interest in fortune telling. I liked the moments in the beginning when Nozomi was reading tarot cards in order to bring Muse together. Honestly I love how she secretly organized the entire group. Another reason is that I love Nozomi x Eli (or NozoEli.) It is my favorite pairing in the entire series. Their duet, Garasu no Hanazo is one of my favorite songs. The live performance of that song is so great. And speaking of singing, I really do love her voice. I know some people find it nasally and strange, but I think it's cute. I like her voice so much that I ordered her voice actor's first album and I've been obsessively listening to it for the past few months. Lastly Nozomi just makes me happy, I don't watch many cheerful shows because I find them boring, but I love watching this anime, and Nozomi is one of the main reasons why.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's top nine~! Remember to check out Minae's post {click here} to see how she ranked them, I'm more excited to read her's cause I feel like she'll write more than me. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.



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  1. Our love for Nozomi is too strong haha! x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. Clearly I can't help it~! I have two more cosplays for her planned next year cause she's the best <3

  2. Cute pictures, I like it!
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