Monday, December 30, 2013

December Favorites 2013~!

Hey Guys~!

Before I post my yearly favorites, I'm telling you guys my December favorites. And as usual I'm starting with beauty products.

I've been in search of a good long wearing foundation this month. So I tried one that I've heard a lot about and I love it. It's the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation. 
I'm in the shade #805 Ivory. It's high coverage and has a powder finish, keeping me matte all day. The best way I've found to apply it is with a damp makeup sponge, anything else ruins the finish for me. 

For eye makeup I've been using my Stila In the Know palette a lot recently.
 It's all matte neutrals and I've already done a review on it {click here to check it out.} 

I get really chapped lips and one lip balm has saved my life. It's the Carmex Everyday Healing Lip Balm.
 It's not as sticky or as heavy feeling as Vaseline, but it still does a great job of healing and moisturizing my lips. 

I haven't been into wearing nail polish a ton this month, mainly cause I haven't had time to do my nails. I recently got a manicure at a salon and I needed it. 
The color that my nails are is In the Cable Car Pool Lane by OPI. I got a simple flower painted on too. Comment if you want a tutorial on this design. 

This month I've been wearing this one ring every single day. It's the gold cat ear ring from Forever21. 
I got it a few sizes bigger than my ring finger, so I have to wear it on my middle one. Still it looks super cute and I really want to get more rings like this. 

Onto the non beauty and fashion favorites~!

I just started watching this anime called Black Cat and oh my god, I love it so far. I'm about fourteen episodes in and my favorite character is probably Eve, the blonde girl with the angel wings in the picture.  

She's a robot made out of nano technology and was created to be a weapon. But once she's freed, she tries to learn about the world around her. Cause she doesn't understand much, she has some pretty funny lines and I just love her >w<

I saw the new Disney movie Frozen at the beginning of the month and if you haven't seen it, you're missing out. 
I thought it would be horrible, based on the trailer, but it was amazing. The animation was beautiful and I liked how it wasn't a traditional Disney plot. 

So those were my December favorites. This is the last favorites post of 2013 ;_; and I hope you guys enjoyed it. See you all at my next post, which will probably be in 2014.



Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Giveaway Winner~!

Hey Guys~!

Merry Christmas to you guys who celebrate it

kawaii christmas photo:  den2b.gif

It's time to announce the winner of my first ever giveaway~~~!

This person wins a Freeman Face Mask of their choice and a Sally Hansen nail polish strip set in Animal Instincts.  

For everyone who entered I wrote your name on a slip of paper and depending on how many entries you have, you got more slips of paper. 

I put all of them in my Rilakkuma hat and drew one name out. 

And that name was. . . 

 .。o○ Tiffany ○o。.

I'll email you and send you your prize as soon as possible.
Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway. 
I do plan to have more giveaways soon so follow me here so you'll know when the next one is. 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I'll see you at my next post.



P.S. I just realized this is my 50th post~!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Review~!

Hey Guys~!

So I've talked about lip crayons and how I like them. They're easy to apply, portable, and come in tons of different colors and finishes. I've talked about the Revlon Matte Balm Crayon, and the Revlon Balm Stain Crayon. But today I'll be telling you guys what I think of a high end lip crayon, the Clinique Chubby Stick.

I got mine in a Clinique gift bag at either Bloomingdale's or Macy's, I don't remember. The packaging is just like all the other lip crayons, it's a twist up. It's quite durable, unlike my Revlon Balm Stain which cracked.

The color mine is in is #16 Voluptuous Violet.  I didn't choose this exact shade and when I got it, I thought it would be too dark and vampy to wear.

However I was wrong. This shade adds a sheer berry tint to my lips, making a dark lip look wearable for me.





 I do like this product a lot, and I may purchase a full sized one, but not now. I have a ton of tinted lip balm products, so getting another one isn't necessary at the moment. However I do recommend this shade if you want to try out dark lips. 

I hope you guys liked this review and found it helpful. Also it's your last chance to enter my giveaway, so {click here} to enter. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I'll see you at my next post.



Sunday, December 22, 2013

D.I.Y. Beauty Gift Bundles~!

Hey Guys~!

With Christmas soon approaching, I thought it would be helpful to give you guys some great ideas of what to get the people on your shopping list. This post is mainly going to be beauty related gifts. All of the gift ideas I'll be showing you are all drugstore products. So, let's start~!

This first gift is called All Natural. In it I put the L'Oreal B.B. Cream, which I've done a review on {click here if you haven't read it.} It's the best American drugstore B.B. cream I've tried. Next I put in this Maybelline eyeshadow duo in Dusk. I've talked about this before and I love it.
I wanted to put a very natural mascara in this kit and the one I chose is the Revlon Lash Potion. It lengthens my lashes, which I think looks more natural than a volumizing mascara. Lastly in the kit is a lip balm in I picked the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. It's just a natural peachy color and it's super moisturizing.

Next kit is called Nighttime Glam. First I put in the ELF Eyelid Primer, cause for a nighttime look, you want the shadows to look vivid and last a long time. Next I put in one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes which is the Wet and Wild Trio in Silent Treatment. It comes with a pale pink, a black with gold shimmer, and a taupe eyeshadow; which I think can create a great eye look for anyone.
Also I put in a black eyeliner, which is essential for any night look, this one is from Rimmel. And for a mascara I put in the Maybelline Rockey mascara. Lastly I put in the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang {The name makes me think of the K-POP group XD}It's just a neutral under-tone red lip stain, which I think would look great on many skin tones.

I put together a kit for the lip product loves which I'm calling, I Lippies. Before I put on any lip product I use I lip balm, so I included the Lypsyl lip balm. It's amazing and it smells like peppermint. Next I put in the ELF Matte Lip Stick in Tea Rose. It's a neutral lavender lip color, which may sound strange but it looks beautiful. I wanted a natural looking lip color, so I put in the Wet and Wild Lipstick in Just Peachy, which is a peachy coral color.
 I wanted a bold and bright color so I picked the Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet. It's a bubblegum pink and is a great spring/summer color. Last one of course is a Baby Lips and this one is Cherry Me. It adds a sheer red tint to the lips and moisturizes them nicely. 

Second to last kit is a spa kit that I'm calling, Rest and Relaxation. First is the Freeman Anti Stress Face Mask. It absorbs access oil and cleans out the pores. Next is the Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer in Aloe. It makes it easier to keep skin hydrated since you don't have to rub it in.
 Then I put in a EOS lip balm, just cause I felt like it. Last I put in one of my favorite face washes which is this one by Neutrogena. It's their Stress Control cream cleanser and it has a nice cooling feeling.

My final kit is a manicure one and it's called the At-Home Salon. First I put in a hand cream and it's by . Then I put in my favorite base coat which is the Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener in Clear.
Next I put in one of my favorite nail polishes which is On a Trip by Wet and Wild. It's a gorgeous purple and thank you to my friend for introducing me to this color. Then I put in a top coat and this one is a clear nail polish by Wet and Wild. Lastly I put in these two Miliani nail art polishes, one in black and the other is white. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this D.I.Y. Comment on what your favorite kit was. See you guys at my next post~!



Sunday, December 15, 2013

D.I.Y. Snowflake Phone Charm~!

Hey Guys~!

Christmas is coming up and even though I don't celebrate it, I still need to get gifts for my friends that do. But I also like making presents, so this month I'll have multiple D.I.Y. presents and this one will be a phone charm. I decided to make a snowflake, cause not only is it simple, but beautiful.

You'll need . . .

A Cell Phone Strap
Crystal Beads
Beading Wire
Jump Ring {x1}
Wire Cutters
Pliers {Flat and Round Nose}

First thread six beads onto the wire, then loop the wire through again to create a circle.

Thread two beads onto one of the ends of the wire.

Loop the wire through the first bead and back through the second one. Make sure after every loop you tightly pull the wire.

Repeat this five more times and then you have a six point snowflake. Leave a few centimeters of wire left, cut off the rest, and thread the excess back into the snowflake.

Open the jump ring and attach the cell phone strap the the snowflake and then you're done~!

I hope you guys liked this D.I.Y. Comment if you want me to do more D.I.Y.s during the holiday season. See you guys at my next post.



Also remember to enter my giveaway {click here to check it out}

Friday, December 13, 2013

♡Holiday Giveaway~!♡

Hey Guys~!

With Christmas only 12 days away, I decided to give you guys a present as a thank you in my very first GIVEAWAY~! And yes it will be international. It ends at 12:00 am EST on December 25th.

The rules are . . .
♡ You must follow my blog to enter
♡ Leave one comment telling me your favorite part of the holidays

For more entries you can. . .
♡Follow me on Bloglovin' at Alluring Alyss
♡Follow me on Facebook at Alluring Alyss 

To get the extra entries, in your comment tell me your Facebook name and do the same for Bloglovin'.

Now onto the prizes~!

First you'll be getting a Freeman Face Mask, either the Cucumber Peel Off, Avacado and Oatmeal Clay, or Deep Sea Mineral.

And then you'll get one pack of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips in #440 Animal Instinct. It's pink with black zebra stripes.

I wish you all good luck on the giveaway~!  Remember to check back on December 25th to find out who won. If you win, I'll contact you through email.

See you all at my next post.



P.S. May the odds be ever in your favor (≧◡≦)