Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vacation Haul~! (Clothes and Makeup)

Hey Guys~!

I got back for vacation a few days ago and I did some shopping at an outlet store, CVS, and TJmaxx. So I'm going to show you guys what I got. As I disclaimer I am not trying to brag at all. With all that said, let's get into the haul~!

So I went to an outlet store, if I remember correctly it's called Bass. I went to get a new pair of ballet flats, but I got a few more things too. The flats I got are black with little bows on them. They are super comfortable and they were 75% off (the outlet was having a HUGE sale).

I've wanted a pair of these for a long time, but everyone I'd tried on was too big. But I found a pair I liked, and it was also on sale :) I GOT MOCCASINS~! They are chestnut colored with brown laces.  What I really like about them, besides the fact they are extremely comfortable, is the floral print inside. It has red, blue, and pink flowers which look super cute. I know when I'm wearing them no one is gonna see the print, but I still like them. 

The last thing I got from the outlet was this watch. I've wanted this style of watch for a while and I'm so excited to wear this. The band is fake brown leather with gold studs. The numbers are roman numerals, so I'm going to have to get used to it.

I hadn't planed to go to CVS over my vacation to buy makeup, since I thought I packed everything I needed. But I had a few problems since I forgot some things and some things broke. 

I somehow forgot a lip balm, so I got the new Baby Lips in the shade, Strike a Rose. I didn't think it would be as pigmented as it was. I love the color and I can't wait to try more of the new Baby Lips. 

My E.L.F. eyelash curler broke and I couldn't find a Target to buy another one at, so I got this one by TRIM. I have tried this lash curler before and I really like it. I hate weak eyelash curlers and this one works great for my lashes. 

I didn't bring any nail polish, so I kind of wanted to buy a cheap one. I check a few brands but I didn't like most of the colors. I found one I liked though and it's by Wet and Wild. This is one of their fast dry nail polishes and it's in the color How I Met Your Magenta. It's a girly bubblegum pink with flecks of gold that aren't too noticeable on your nails. I put this on my nails last Wednesday while I was on vacation and it's still lasting pretty well on my nails. My only problem with this was the color was super sheer, so I had to build it up. 

Last place I shopped at was TJmaxx. I wasn't planning on buying a lot, but I kind of did. . . 

First thing I got was this dress. It's from the company Soprano. This dress is a deep midnight blue with very thin horizontal black stripes. The dress is form fitting and extenuates all the right places. What I love about this dress more than anything is the back. I don't know what this type of back is called but it looks like a bow and I ♥ bows. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear this dress to, but I don't have a lot of fall/winter dresses. 

To go with the dress, I got this black cardigan like shrug. It's from the company Olive and Oak and I love how light it feels. It has see through horizontal stripes which blend it and the dress together and I like how it looks as an ensemble. 

I'm short, okay. My whole life I've been short, so when I saw these I knew I had to get them. These are wedge heeled sneakers!!!!!! I've wanted a pair for so long, but they're always super expensive.  I got these half price and I can't wait to wear them. I've tried them on and I noticed that they not only make me taller, but make my feet look even smaller. I'm probably going to wear them like everyday of school XD

Last thing in the haul is this bag. I've wanted a Betsy Johnson handbag for a while now. Every time I find one I like it's over my budget. However I saw this one and died over it. It's a minty turquoise color with black and gold detailing. The print on the bag has hearts, gold chains, birds and flowers. The design is called, Key to my Heart. I love the pattern on the inside too. It's a warm burgundy purple with lighter purple lips and roses. This bag is nothing like any other bag I own and I absolutely love it. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my haul and comment with what your favorite item was in the haul. See you in my next post xo

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