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Back to School: Survival Guide for Freshman~!

Hey Guys~!

and welcome to my third back to school series post. To see my makeup starter kit or my must haves for school, click on either of the links. 

Today though I'm going to giving advice for freshman. Going from middle school to high school can seem terrifying to some. People always assume their years in high school are going to be like their favorite TV show. High school's nothing like that. 

High school is a free place where you can express yourself and be who ever you want. You get to choose your classes, meet new people, and you get to have fun. 

But there are some things you really shouldn't do. . .
And I mean it. Don't do ANY of the things I have underlined below. 

1.) Just because you don't have a class with your best friend, you switch classes

NO. Don't do this. All it does is screw up your schedule and depending on if you have to move to an honors class or a standard class can mess you up. Every teacher is different and by possibly getting a different one, you could end up not liking him or her and you'll be stuck with them. Even if your best friend is there, she could make friends in her class too. You're not your best friend's pet, you don't need to be in every single class with her. 

2.) Pick what electives your friends are picking

This may seem difficult to do, but trust me, you'll make a ton of friends this way. If you like drawing and all your friends pick orchestra,  take drawing. You don't want your electives to be things you don't enjoy. They're supposed to be a break for you. Also by taking a class with a subject you like, you'll find people with similar interests as you. Then you can make more friends.

3.) Acting fake

This may sound harsh in some ways, but by pretending to be a slut, nerd, jock, or anything you aren't will give you some problems. For example if you've never dated a guy and you dress like a slut, you will get A LOT of perverted comments and unwanted flirting by really gross people. Also by acting fake, you are suppressing who you really are. If you like reading and you pretend to be stupid, then you aren't really experiencing high school. Like I said before, high school is a place where you should feel free and express yourself.

4.) If your friends are doing something, (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.) you should do it too

If one of your friends tells you to do take a smoke, don't do it. First of all you don't know where he or she got the cigarettes from. Second if they tell you it'll make you cool and popular, it's not gonna. It just makes your breath stink and no one, but your smoking buddies will want to talk to you. Don't let your friends peer pressure you into something you don't feel comfortable doing. They'll do anything to convince you, but just don't listen to them. If they tell you if you don't smoke then they won't be friends with you, then they weren't your real friends.

Here are some things you SHOULD do . . .

1.) Get involved in either a sports team, club, or school play

Doing any extra curricular activity will help you meet new people. If it's with a group of people you'll meet people with similar interests. When picking an activity pick either something you like/ you're good at or try something new. If you like soccer, try out for the team. If you like singing, join choir. 

2.) Try to make one friend in each of your classes

This can be hard for some people and you may feel like you're not friends with anyone, but put the effort in and give it a try. By making that one friend you'll be excited to go to that class.  Also they could help you become friends with other people in your class. 

3.) Keep organized

I'll admit I have problems with organization. But keeping everything organized will benefit you. Use either folders or binders to organize the materials from each of your classes. Something I did that helps is have a folder for homework. If I had to complete a packet or worksheet for homework, I'd keep it in the folder so I wouldn't have to take all my binders home. Also always make sure to have a planner or agenda book. My school sells them, but I bought my own. Using something like this to write down your assignments, tests and projects will help you keep track of everything.

4.) Have Fun~!

In high school you have more freedom. Don't abuse it, but enjoy it. You have a say in your classes, you have new people to meet. You can be who you want to be and find other people like you. It does seem scary at first and you may feel alone. But remember, even if they don't say or show it, everyone is nervous on their first day.

I hope these tips were useful and good luck in your first year of high school~!

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