Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School Series: Must Haves for Your School Bag~!

Hey Guys~!

So here's my second post in my back to school series. If you want to see the previous back to school post click here. Today I'll be sharing my must haves for school, not including phone or keys, and just so you know not all are beauty related. These are all the things I make sure I have in my bag before going to school. So with that let's get started >.<

First thing I can never be without in school is a pack of gum. I like to have either spearmint or fruity gum and I keep it at easy access. Personally I like either Trident or Orbit gum, but you should always have gum or some other breath freshening item with you. If your school doesn't allow gum, bring some breath mints that your can chew on instead. You can get these tiny packs of gum for less than a dollar and they're great to hide in your pocket.

No matter what the season is, I always have chapped lips. So I try to bring some type of lip balm to school and I usually keep it in my pencil case so it's easy to find. Some of the lip balms I like are Maybelline Baby Lips (duh), LypSyl, and EOS. The Baby Lips is #10 Peppermint, the LypSyl just comes in one flavor, and my EOS is Summer Fruit. All of these can be bought at a local drugstore or Target and aren't too expensive.

This may just be me, but I hate having to use the water fountains in school. At my school they're either broken or gross looking. So I try to keep a water bottle with me. It doesn't matter if you bring a metal bottle or plastic one, you should always have water with you. If I'm not having water, I bring tea in a metal bottle so it stays warm. I like doing this either when it's cold or if I have a sore throat.

If you have any skin type and you're wearing makeup, it's always good just to have a powder compact or oil bloating sheets with you, especially if it's hot where you live or if you have oily skin. No one wants to look all shiny face, so if you need to just go into the bathroom and use your powder/oil sheets. Don't touch up your makeup during class, cause it just looks weird.

Having either hand wipes or hand sanitizer is a great thing to have in your school bag. There are a ton on germs in a school and it's good to clean your hands in some way before eating. This is the hand sanitizer I like from Bath and Body Works in the scent Wild berry.  You can buy these tiny hand sanitizers for around a dollar, I think, and they last a long time.

In my school, we can listen to music so I like to bring my headphones and mp3 to school. My IPod broke so now I have a MP3, deal with it. Anyways my headphones are from Philips and if you want them here's a link, to them on Amazon. I like listening to music in my art class personally and I like listening to music while walking to school and when I'm walking home.

When I have a free block, I like to go off campus to go either to Starbucks or anywhere really. So I always like to keep some cash with me. I never take more than $15.00 to school, just in case it gets stolen. Also my school has a school store so with the money I can purchase a snack in between classes. 

Another product I think is great to have in school is either a mini body spray or roll on perfume. After gym class, you may want to freshen up and using a body spray/perfume along with a deodorant will help you smell great. This body spray I like is from Bath and Body Works in the scent Venice Dolce Berry.  My favorite perfume is Coach Poppy and you can get this roller ball one from Sephora with Poppy and Poppy Flower. I'll keep either of these in a separate bag, away from my binders and notebooks in case it somehow leaks.

If you don't want to take a spray or perfume, a scented lotion works too. I have a mini Paris Amour from Bath and Body Works that I take to school with me. It's not only great and making you smell nice, but if you get dry hands this will moisturize them.

I hope this list of must haves was helpful for you guys and comment with your must haves for school. See you guys at my next post xo~!

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