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Best and Worst E.L.F. Brushes~!

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I don't have a job, so I don't have a million dollars to spend on brushes. Since I started using makeup, I've been trying to find great inexpensive brushes at the drugstore. The one brand I tried the most brushes from was E.L.F. and if you've read my other posts you'd know I love E.L.F.

However some of their brushes aren't as good as others. I'll be reviewing brushes from the Professionals Line, $1.00 each, and the Studio Line, $3.00 each. From both of these lines, there are brushes I like and brushes I just hate.

Here are all the E.L.F. brushes I own. . .

The ones with the white handle are from the Professionals Line and the ones that are all black are from the Studio Line. I have face brushes and eye brushes from both lines.

Let's start with the Professionals Line brushes. . .

Face Brushes

For face brushes I have the Foundation Brush and the Bronzing Brush. The Foundation Brush looks like a typical foundation brush with sleek bristles. The Bronzing Brush is made with red bristles that were cut in an angle.

These were my first makeup brushes ever and at first I loved them. I used to use them all the time, till they began to fall apart. I'd glue them back together, but I then noticed the more I used them, the quicker I needed to glue them back together.

But for my B.B. Cream I found that the foundation brush works well for applying, but not for blending. Since my B.B. Cream needs to be blended in order for the pigment beads to burst, this brush is useless in my daily routine.

I'm going to reiterate a complaint I've heard before about the E.L.F. Professionals brushes that have red bristles. These brushes feel scratchy on the face and shed when you use them. I've never purchased face brushes from this line since the Bronzing Brush shed all over my face.

Eye Brushes

The eye brushes from this line are great. I have the Eye Shadow Brush and the Blending Eye Brush. I use both of these daily and they work much better than the face brushes from this line.

The Eye Shadow Brush is a generic flat shading brush and it really does pack on whatever eye shadow you want. I use this for my lid, brow bone, and inner eye corner. It's not too stiff, but it's soft. Sometimes I use it to apply cream shadow, but I do have to clean the brush before using it with powder eye shadow.

The Blending Eye Brush is a great crease and blending brush. It's very round cut, making it easy to fit into the crease or outer V of the eye. I use it to blend my shadows together and for the crease. If you need a great multi-purpose eye brush, this one would be the one I'd recommend.

Now the Studio Brushes . . .

Face Brushes

The brushes I own from this line are the Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Small Stipple Brush and the Complexion Brush. The Powder Brush is a straight cut, dense brush, which I use to either blend my foundation/B.B. Cream or to apply powder. The Blush Brush is dome shaped and less dense completed to the Powder Brush and I use it for blush. The Small Stipple Brush is smaller than the Blush Brush and it is just a miniature stipple brush, which I use for B.B. Cream. The Complexion Brush is a large brush with long bristles and I use it when I want a light dusting of powder.

All of these brushes are extremely soft and feel nice on the skin, unlike the Professionals brushes. The don't fall apart or shed on me, which I also like. Certain brushes also have covers and those are great for storing and protecting the brushes.

Eye Brushes

I only have one eye brush from this line and it's the Small Angled Brush. It's thin and as the name states, cut in an angle. It's basically an angled eye liner brush, and that's what I mainly use it for. I use this to blend my upper lid liner if I choose to wear it and doing so makes it a little more natural. Also I use it for filling in the sparse areas of my brows.

This brush is multi-functional and I have found a few other uses for it too. Sometimes I use it to blend out my lip color or to apply eye shadow to my lower lash line. No matter how I use it, it always seems to get the job done.

Overall Review

The E.L.F. brush line is great for those like myself that can't spend a lot of money on brushes. However don't waste your time and money on the Professionals Brushes if you want a cheap face brush. They are cheaply made and irritate the skin. The eye brushes are what make me not hate this line, since they work as well as other more expensive brushes I own.

The Studio Brushes are what made me fall in love with the brand E.L.F. They're made well, don't shed or irritate my skin, and they feel nice. If you're starting off with makeup, I'd recommend using these face brushes over most other ones you can purchase at a drugstore price.

If you're just starting out with makeup, I would buy brushes from the Studio line because the face brushes are much better compared to the Professionals ones quality wise. For eye brushes you could go with either line.

I hope this review was helpful to you guys~!

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