Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rilakkuma Nail Art Tutorial~!

Hey Guys~!

I hope you're excited cause I have a nail art tutorial for you. This tutorial is inspired by Rilakkuma. If you don't know who that is, basically he's a cute bear made by San X. I love Rilakkuma, I even have a Rilakkuma hat.

Anyways for this tutorial you'll need. . .

Base Coat

A brown, tan, or orangey brown nail polish

 Any nail polish color of choice

 A black nail polish

 A white nail polish

 Top Coat or Clear Nail Polish

 A dotting tool or a pin

Gather up all those polishes and let's get started (>w<)

First paint you nails with a base coat. I'm using Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener. Using a base coat will help prevent the polish from staining your nails. Wait for your base coat to dry completely before continuing. 

Paint your ring finger in a brown polish and the rest of your nails whatever color you want. For my brownish orange color I'm using Life Preserver by China Glaze and for my color of choice I'm using Bikini so Teeny by Essie. It's a pretty blue color. Apply 2-3 coats of each color, so it's opaque and wait for it dry in between coats. 

With your dotting tool, make an oval with the white polish in the middle of your nail. The white polish I'm using came in a french manicure kit by Sally Hansen, but really any white nail polish will do. My dotting tool is from Sally's Beauty Supplies.

While that's drying make dots on your other nail with the same white polish. The dot's don't have to be organized like how I made mine. You can really do any sized dots in any pattern you want. I just did mine like this because I think it looks cleaner.

Once the white oval is dry take your dotting tool, clean your dotting tool before changing colors, and dip it into the black polish. The polish I'm using is a nail art polish from Milani. It has a thin brush, making nail art designs easier to make. Make two dots on the side of the white oval and one dot on the white oval like this. 

With your dotting tool or your nail polish brush, draw two diagonal lines from the bottom of the nose. These two lines will create his mouth.

 When everything is dry, apply either your top coat or clear nail polish of choice. 

And that's it, we're done~!

 I hope you guys enjoyed this nail art look and comment with any other nail tutorial ideas. See you at my next post xo


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