Monday, December 1, 2014

November Favorites 2014~!

Hey Guys~!

The year of 2014 is almost over ;_; and I feel like it's been going by super fast. Anyways it's the end of November, so I thought I'd share my favorites from this past month. A lot of these became favorites towards the end of the month, but none the less I enjoyed them. So let's start~~!


Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation: This foundation is one of my favorites. Recently I've been breaking out, so I wanted something a little more full coverage than my BB creams. The finish is a powder finish, so it's long lasting and you don't need to set it. Also it covers everything, so I don't need a concealer with this.

Elf Eyeshadow Duo #33036-1: With fall here, I've been experimenting more with my eye makeup. This Elf eyeshadow duo has a copper color and a cool toned brown, which together create a nice metallic look. It's nothing like what I usually wear, but I've been really enjoying it.

EOS Lip Balm in Passion Fruit: You guys know I have an unexplained obsession with lip balms, mainly Baby Lips and EOS. This month I got a new EOS and it is my new favorite. It smells amazing and I have noticed that my lips aren't dry and gross. 

Skin Care
Freeman's Clay Mask: I've gotten into a stricter skin care routine, and I've found this clay mask really great. It absorbs oil and has overall helped with the clarity and tone of my skin. The redness I've had has really gone away too. 

Video Games and Apps

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: I showed this game in my Black Friday wish list, and I go it yesterday. I freaking love it~!!! The graphics are beautiful and the game itself is very nostalgic for me. If you like Pokemon games, I definitely recommend this one.

Two Dots: I started playing this game at the beginning of the month. I've been stuck on the same level for the past week and I still can't beat it. But it's still really fun and if you haven't played it, I guess it's like Candy Crush, but harder. 


The Great Gatsby: I started reading this for English and I've been really liking it. The time period is really interesting to me. I also really like the plot and the language used in the book. I haven't finished it yet, but I still love it. 


Big Hero 6: This is one of my new favorite animated films. I really do like Disney movies, and this one is as great, if not better, than Frozen, in my opinion please don't hate me. The visuals are really bright and colorful. The characters are well thought out and developed, and it's just so good~!!

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1: I saw this two days ago, and it was amazing! I loved everything in this movie, and as usual Jennifer Lawrence did a great job. I can't wait till next year for the final movie, and I hope it will be as good as this one.

So those were my November Favorites. Let me know about some of your favorites from the past month in the comments below. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.



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  1. I am so excited about the Hunger games movie. Amazing post & would you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets keep
    in touch!


  2. I recently went to see the movie herores great, and I loved is now my favorite is super cute, Hunger Games --- went to the premiere (> w <) Long ago buy that makeup but I did not like because he came in another precentacion and could not get much out of it and the product inside the bottle and left. I'll have to find that new base plate.

    Xoxo ❤


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