Thursday, December 11, 2014

Worst Five Anime of 2014~!

Hey Guys~!

With 2014 ending soon, and since I like ranting about things I don't like, I thought I'd share five anime that I hated. As a disclaimer this is just my opinion and you may like these anime, but they just weren't for me. Also not all of these anime came out in 2014, but I watched them this year. They're in no particular order, since they're all equally as bad. So let's start~~!

     This is one of the worst anime of all time. I read the manga before watching the anime, and even thought I knew the plot, the anime made no sense. Each episode was four minutes long, and there were twelve episodes...What~?! There is no plot to the anime, just random clips of stuff from the manga with no explanation. I really liked the manga, and thought it was a unique premise, but this anime is just awful. 

Diabolik Lovers:
     I watched this while I was on vacation in Florida, and it's just bad. Why can't I find one good vampire anime~!!!! The main character is bland and makes stupid choices constantly. I get it if she messes up everything at first and then learns from her mistakes, but she just continues to screw everything up. The guys are good looking, but they can't even save this train wreck because they have no personality, just character archetypes that a million other anime have done better.

Cat Planet Cuties:
     Okay, when you read that name, you probably rolled your eyes. In my defense, I watched this only because it was free on cable and I had nothing else to do with my life. And because I like watching bad things just to laugh at how stupid they are. This anime is the definition of a bad anime. There are a million plot holes and enough fan service to call it a hentai. I watched the English dub and I was horrified to see my favorite voice actors playing such horrible characters. 

Kamigami no Asobi:
     This anime came out in the spring I think and it's probably the worst anime from the spring season. The plot is a jumbled mess and really cheesy. The guys are really weird, and the animation overall kind of bothered me. Maybe it was intended for a younger audience, but I just found it boring and childish. I couldn't finish this show because it was laughable to see how hard the writers tried to make it interesting. 

Tokyo Raven:
    I can say I was most disappointed in this anime, over any of the ones on this list. Reviewers and friends had told me how much they enjoyed this anime, and I did too at first. But after a while it just got dull and predictable. I enjoyed the side characters, but found the male protagonist generic and he was slow to understand what's going on around him.

So those were five of the worst anime I saw this year. My next post will be a list of my favorite anime that I watched this year. If you have any anime suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.


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  1. The worst was pupa~
    I enjoyed the first three episodes but after that all was the worst
    Thanks for shar

  2. Okay thanks for telling your opinion!! Btw what were your fav animes this year?


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