Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Sweater Inspired Nail Art~!

Hey Guys~!

It's winter, and my favorite part of cold weather is wearing sweaters. For today's nail art tutorial I'll be showing you guys how to create this sweater inspired nail art look. It can been a little more complicated, compared to my other tutorials, but with practice it becomes easier. So let's start~~!

For This Tutorial You Will Need . . .
Base / Top Coat
Grey Nail Polish
Red Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
Dotting Tool / Toothpick
Nail Art Brush

First apply a base coat to protect and strengthen your natural nails. After it's dry apply 2 - 3 coats of grey nail polish. Wait for it to dry before continuing.

Using a white nail polish and a nail art brush, make a zig zag line on the tip of the nail. Then fill it in with the white polish.

Once it's dry, make a red heart using a dotting tool or toothpick. Make two dots next to each other and then drag it together to make a tip.

Lastly apply a top coat to add a nice shine and prolong the life of your design.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's nail art tutorial~!! I love hearing from you guys so in the comments below let me know what your favorite part about winter is. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.


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  1. cute nail art ^^, I love the grey color as the base ^^

  2. EEPPP! This nail art is seriously so adorable! I would have never thought of this color combo. And, for some reason, this reminds me of totoro hahah Which is a plus!

    BCfactor Blog |

  3. so sweer nails =)

  4. These look so cute

    Lauren x |

  5. Cute design)) I want to try something like this too))

  6. cute nail design!

  7. This is such an adorable look, it's screams January skies x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  8. These are amazing! So cute, but so simple too - will definitely have to try and recreate these nails. Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog a few weeks back, too! I've really enjoyed reading through some of the bits on your blog tonight, and have followed on Bloglovin'. Feel free to follow me back if you like so we can keep up with each other :)

    -Ruby Xx

    Another Ruby Tuesday

  9. I need to start playing with my nails again. They're a solid color ever since forever.

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

  10. Such a cute design!


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