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Top 10 Favorite Male Anime Characters {Collaboration with Minae}~!

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Today Minae and I are back and we'll be sharing our top ten favorite male anime characters. If you didn't see our top ten female characters, {click here} to read my list, and {click here} to read Minae's. When it comes to male anime characters, I do have a few favorites. But I do have more female favorites than males, which made this list kind of hard to do. Some of these guys are on here because I have a huge fangirl crush on them, so please don't judge. And if you have an anime related topic you would like Minae and I to write about, let me know in the comments. So let's start~~!

10.) Sven from Black Cat

This may be an odd pick for my list, especially since I barely talk about Black Cat in any of my anime posts. However, I have always enjoyed the series and Sven as a character. He's a bounty hunter who in the beginning of the series saves a girl, Eve, who is a nano weapon. He wants to show her the world and The two have a really sweet, but not romantic, relationship. I love watching Sven act fatherly towards Eve and the main character, Train. The picture I put here makes him look really serious, but he's a comedic character too. 

9.) Ikuto from Shugo Chara

One of my first anime was Shugo Chara, and being the young fangirl I was, I fell in love with the hot jerk. I think this anime is the reason I have unrealistic expectations of my love life. Ikuto is a magical boy, how many of those do you see. And he plays violin, which is my favorite instrument, and I love guys that play instruments. Onto why I like Ikuto as a character, he's an angsty character, and I have always liked the angst character. He tries to protect everyone, but in the process gets hurt. 

8.) Inuyasha from Inuyasha

I had a really hard time choosing between Inuyasha and his brother Sesshomaru, since I like both characters equally as much. What made me choose Inuyasha over Sesshomaru is the amount development his character goes through in all the different arcs. Seeing him and Kagome develop their relationship, even with everything going on around them, made me just love how devoted they are to each other. That's why I like Inuyasha so much, he's devoted to his friends and Kagome, and he's a funny character too. 

7.) Xerxes from Pandora Hearts

I love everyone in Pandora Hearts, so I knew I had to pick someone from there to be on this list. After a lot of consideration, I went with Xerxes. First of all, I love how unique his design is. Second, in an anime that has serious moments, you need a character to lighten up situations, and that's what Xerxes does. He's a very comedic character, and I really enjoy any scene he's in. He pops up and has the perfect comment for every situation, which annoys everyone else, but is hilarious to watch. I haven't read the manga, so hopefully he's as good there. 

6.)  Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club

Everyone has a favorite host, so obviously I had to include my favorite here, Hikaru. First, I love Todd Haberkron, so obviously one of the characters he voices had to be here. I like that Hikaru jokes around a lot, but has a serious and caring side as well. I love that he's protective of the people he cares about, mainly his brother Kaoru and Haruhi. Also that episode where he goes on a date with Haruhi was the cutest thing ever. How he tries to calm her down during the thunderstorm was the sweetest thing ever. 

5.) Takahisa from 11eyes

He's a pyrokinetic bad boy, and I just love him. Takahisa has the common anime backstory of being an orphan. He was abandoned by his parents due to his pyrokinetic abilities, but was taken in by the nurse at his school. When he meets everyone else, he brushes them off and is rude to all of them. However, Yukiko, who I mentioned in my top ten females, stays with him and he slowly warms up to her. The side of his personality when he's with Yukiko is just so protective. When everything goes wrong, he does whatever he can to save everyone. 

4.) Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss

A fox demon + the voice of J. Michael Tatum = one of the hottest anime guys ever. I love Kamisama Kiss, and from the beginning I was in love with Tomoe. He's the demon protecting the shrine that the main character, Nanami, lives at. Like a lot of the guys on this list, initially Tomoe is rude to Nanami and pushes her away, but as he falls in love with her, he continues to pull away. However whenever Nanami is in trouble, he'll do anything to protect her. I like that unlike most love interests, it takes Tomoe a while to figure out his feelings for Nanami and once he realizes he loves her, he doesn't jump into a relationship with her. Some other people may find it annoying that they don't get together immediately, but for me it shows how much Tomoe cares for Nanami and it makes his character more enjoyable for me.

3.) Fakir from Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu is one of my favorite anime, and Fakir was my favorite out of the two male love interests. Like a majority of the guys on this list, he's a jerk at the beginning. This was because he has the power of what he writes coming to life, which led to the accidental death of his parents. Because of that, he resented his power and ignored his role in the story. Instead he decides to take the role of the knight who protects Mytho. That probably didn't make the most sense, unless you've seen the anime, but basically he's trying to fight his destiny as the writer of the story controlling his town. Since he's not following his part in the story, he ends up fighting with Ahiru/Princess Tutu, his love interest. Once they team up, they grow close and Fakir becomes passionate about using his power to save everyone. Saving everyone does prevent him from reaching his ideal happy ending, but that's what I like about him. He gives up his own happiness to give everyone else in the story a happy ending. And it's unique to see a romance anime where the main love interests don't end up in a perfect relationship. 

2.) Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail

If you're reading my anime posts, you should have expected this. I love Fairy Tail, and my favorite pairing is Gray x Juvia, so Gray was going to be somewhere here. First, just look at this picture of him. He has the random character quirk of stripping often, without realizing. It's a little self indulgence for my fangirl heart.  Anyway, why I like Gray as a character. Let's start with his backstory, Gray's family was killed by a demon when he was young. He then was taken in by Ur, who teaches him magic and served as a mother. However she dies saving him from the same demon. Gray then joins Fairy Tail and grows up there. Although he does care for everyone in the guild, he doesn't grow especially close to anyone emotionally, except for Juvia. He helps her learn to be positive, which leads to her falling in love with him. He doesn't reciprocate those feelings, but it's evident he cares for her, especially in the serious moments in the anime and manga. His emotions in those moments are the reason I like him so much. In my opinion, he has very realistic emotions and reactions to situations. He wants to protect the people he cares about, but he also takes himself into consideration when fighting for others. And in the Avatar arc, the most recent arc in the manga, when he forgot to think about Juvia, he does whatever he can from then to protect her. If none of that made sense, I like Gray because he has a strong drive to protect those he cares about. And he's often shirtless (๑♡3♡๑)

1.)  Twelve from Terror in Resonance

Alright, we're at my number one favorite male anime character, and that is Twelve from Terror in Resonance. I said that Terror in Resonance was my favorite anime in 2014, and I still love it, obviously since Twelve is on this list. Twelve is part of a duo of terrorists know as Sphinx. He and his friend Nine work together after escaping from a facility they were experimented on. Twelve has a two sided personality, he's often cheerful and smiling, but there are moments where he becomes creepy and violent. Because of how he was treated in the facility, Twelve isn't trustworthy of anyone besides Nine, until he meets Lisa. He first sees her as someone to joke around with, but soon grows strong feelings for her. When Lisa feels like a burden and runs away, Twelve immediately goes after her, leading to my favorite anime scene, the ferris wheel scene. I talked about it in one of my 30 Day Anime Challenge posts, so {click here} if you want to read more about that scene. That scene made me love Twelve's character. In that scene in particular, you can see him wavering between saving Lisa and being in a relationship with her, or following his and Nine's plans of terrorism. I've never seen a character with an internal battle as well written as Twelve's. He had very realistic emotions, in my opinion, and you really felt bad for him, since when watching you didn't know what the right thing to do was either. The anime really shows both sides of who he is, and you really feel for Twelve as you see him struggle to show investment in his and Nine's plan. At the same time, you see Twelve being happy with Lisa, but he also feels like he's giving up on Nine. Out of all the anime I've seen, I find Twelve to be the best expressed, emotionally, and is probably the anime character I was most emotionally invested in. When he was happy, I was happy, and vise versa when he was upset or angry. He's one of the best written characters, and that mixed with the voice acting, making Twelve my favorite male anime character.

I hope you all enjoyed today's post. If you want to check out Minae's Top Ten, {click here} to check it out. In the comments below, share your favorite male anime character, I love hearing you guys's opinions. Also if you have an idea for a future anime post that Minae and I can do, leave that idea for us. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.



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