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Favorites and Hate Its: Elf Cosmetics~!

Hey Guys~!

On one of my recent makeup tutorials, I was asked what my favorite Elf products are. Elf, or Eyes Lips Face, is an inexpensive makeup line and I have tried a lot of their products. Besides telling you what I like from the line, I thought I'd also include some products that I dislike, in a series I'm now calling, Favorites and Hate Its. Keep in mind, my least favorite products could be your favorites, everyone's skin is different, so makeup will work differently on different people. So let's start~~!

imageimage Favorites 

Eyeshadow Primer

This is my favorite primer for eyeshadow. It evens out the color of my lids and helps my eyeshadows last all day. The colors stay vivid without creasing. And it only costs a dollar. Other primers are really expensive, even at the drugstore, so this is great if you want equally as good quality.

Mascara Primer

I used to think primers for lashes was dumb, and now that I use it I can't live without it. It makes my lashes thicker and longer for mascara, and it looks like I have false lashes on. As a person who has issues with false lashes, this is great to get the look of volumized lashes without accidentally gluing my eye shut.  

Studio Blushes

These were my first blushes, and I still love them. They blend smoothly, have great pigmentation, and offer a beautiful shine. I have Candid Coral and Twinkle Pink, and I love them both. If you like a nice sheen from your blushes, these are great to try. I don't usually like shimmer in blushes, but the shimmer in these creates a "healthy skin look" if that makes sense.

Studio Brushes

If you're looking for good quality brushes that are inexpensive, then these are great. I have some face brushes and eye brushes, both are great. They cost only $3 a piece, and you may think they're bad, but I've never had them irritate my skin or shed hairs. Also the variety of brushes in this line is insane, there is literally a brush for everything. 

Matte Lipsticks

This shouldn't be that much of a surprise, since one of my favorite lipsticks does come from this line. I have two shades, Coral and Tea Rose, which is my favorite. They are twist up and packaged like a lip pencil. The formula isn't drying like most matte lipsticks are for me. 

imageimage Hate Its 

Essentials Face Brushes

Basically these are the exact opposite of the Studio Brushes. They shed. They scratch my skin. They overall ruin my makeup. I've thrown mine out, because I have no use for them. However, only the face brushes are bad. I use the eyeshadow brushes a ton and they're great. 

Brightening Eyeliner

I'm always looking for a good white eyeliner for my inner corner and waterline. This one has no pigmentation at all. It's really shimmery, but it also doesn't wear long. I tried using this in the inner corner and then setting it with an eyeshadow, but it still doesn't do anything. And I just found out the white is discontinued. . . 

Studio Concealer

The shade I have is called Ivory, but it's a pink beige color that's too dark for me. The formula is really thick and drying, so no matter where I put it, it doesn't blend. It's too heavy for under the eyes, and on the face it doesn't look good under or on top of foundation. 

Flawless Face Powder

The shade for this is also Ivory, and this time the color is yellow. The texture is really chalky and doesn't blend well. I've tried to find some use for this, but it doesn't work as an all over setting powder, it can't set my under eye area, and it's not pigmented enough to use as an eyeshadow. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my first Favorites and Hate Its. If you've tried any Elf products, share your opinions on them here in the comments, I love hearing you guys' opinions. Also, what brand would you like to see next, I can do L'Oreal or Wet n' Wild next. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.



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  1. I love your thought about elf cosmetic, the studio blush sound like a great products :)

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  2. I haven't tried any Elf products but I would love to! Their packaging looks really good too, I really like the simple and sleek design. It's a shame that the essential face brushes didn't turn out great. They look really well-designed! :( Thanks for sharing!


  3. Eeepp! I've been waiting for an Elf posts!! I really wanna try out the blushes. They look gorgeous <3 Thanks for all the recommendations

    BCfactor Blog

  4. I should definitely try out the Mascara and Eyeshadow primers! Mine are on the way out! >.<
    Minae ♥ Minaekei

  5. Hi dear! You have a fantastic blog, I really like it:)
    Follow each other?
    Happy week,

  6. This post is super helpful, I almost bought the essential face brushes. Thank you for the suggestions ♥

    Mishs Diary

  7. I always wanted try the eyeshadow primer

  8. Nice pics dear. My fav from ELF are their brushes and lip scrub :-)


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