Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fire Fairy Nail Art~!

Hey Guys~!

It's summer, so I wanted to do a really unique nail art tutorial that's great for any summer colors. Today I'll be doing this abstract Fire Fairy nail art, which will be my first tutorial, I think, with rhinestones~!! Of course you don't have to, but I really like how it looks. So let's start~~!

For This You Will Need . . .
Base Coat
Coral or Orange Nail Polish
Nude Nail Polish
Gold Nail Polish
Clear Nail Polish
Dotting Tool

First apply your base coat, to protect your natural nails. With your coral or orange nail polish, create a gradient on some of your nails, I did it on my thumb, middle, and pinky fingers. 

Next is the dots. With your gold polish, create a dotted arch on the nails with the gradient. You can do however many or whatever size you like. This is what I did. 

On your other nails, apply a nude polish. Then do an arch of coral/orange dots. On the top and bottom of the coral arch, do a gold arch of dots. 

On one of your gradient nails we'll be applying a rhinestone. First take your dotting tool and dip it in clear nail polish. Make a dot at the base of your nail. Then use the dotting tool to pick up the rhinestone and place it on the dot. This might take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy. 

Lastly apply a clear polish over all your nails to seal in your design and give it a nice shine~! Now we are finished~!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this nail art tutorial~! If you would like another abstract fairy/fantasy themed nail art, let me know in the comments what element and/or the creature that will inspire the next look. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.


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  1. love this nail art , this is perfect for summer nail ^^

  2. This is a nice first tutorial. 😃
    Thank you by the way for stopping by on my blog. I'm following you now via GFC. 😆 hope you'll do the same!


  3. Aw, wishing that I could have such pretty nails! I suck at nail art haha, Thanks for sharing! <3

    May x | THE MAYDEN

    1. Thank you~! It's actually one of my easiest tutorials, but practice does make perfect <33

  4. I really love this! The colour combination is so pretty.

    { }

  5. This is such a cute way of painting your nails! And it looks so good especially because your nails are on the shorter side - often, patterns look kind of overwhelming on long nails! :) I actually tried to create a similar look today, thanks for the inspiration!


  6. I love gradients in nail art <3!! I think I'll try these colours next time!

    Have a nice day!


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