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30 Day Anime Challenge {Day #7 Favorite Anime Couple}~!

Hey Guys~!

This is the day I pour my fangirl feels all over my blog. Today I'll be sharing my favorite anime couple. I have millions upon millions of favorite anime couples, also known as OTPs. I had a really hard time trying to choose one, so I chose three of my OTPs, some are ties so I actually have five couples listed . . . They are in no particular order, I love them all equally as much. So let's start~~!

1.) Fakir x Ahiru and Mytho x Rue from Princess Tutu

Okay, I know these are two separate pairings, but they're from the same anime, and I like equally as much. Fakir and Ahiru become adversaries in their quest to protect Mytho, but their plans are different. Fakir wants to keep him sheltered and Ahiru wants to restore his heart. Throughout the anime, they learn to work together and soon fall in love. Their relationship doesn't build up too quickly, and it works amazingly. They will break your heart, but in a good way.

Mytho and Rue were childhood friends. Rue was told she would end up with Mytho, and grew up wanting to be perfect for him. This caused her to believe she had to do everything to keep Mytho only looking at her. As Mytho's heart is being restored, Rue becomes insecure and takes different means to keep Mytho at her side. Through multiple events, I don't want to spoil the ending, they end up together. Honestly I only like this relationship for Rue, cause Mytho doesn't really have a personality.

2.) Twelve x Lisa from Terror in Resonance/Zankyo no Teroru

These two just break my heart, and some people may say they aren't a couple, bu they are to me~! Twelve is part of a terror group called Sphinx. During one of his missions, he meets this girl, Lisa. He offers for her to join them, or he would let her die. She chooses to join them, and as the anime progresses you can see Twelve struggle between his devotion to Sphinx or his feelings for Lisa. The scene where Lisa is trapped in the ferris wheel with a bomb on it, is the scene that really made me love these two together. That scene really tests Twelve and Lisa's relationship, and I was fully invested in seeing the path their relationship took.

3.) Gajeel x Levy and Gray x Juvia from Fairy Tail

Another tie~! Okay I'll start with Gajeel and Levy. Gajeel was assigned by his guild, Phantom Lord, to destroy Fairy Tail, and in doing so injures Levy. Levy was seen as one of the weaker guild members, but at the same time everyone liked her. After the guilds battle, Gajeel joins Fairy Tail. Levy's friends decide to fight him, and he takes every hit without fighting back. Later on, he offers to help train Levy to win a higher ranking in the guild, and their relationship sky rockets from there. The two go through multiple battles where they fight to protect the other. SPOILERS~! They kiss in the manga <3 My fangirl heart died when I saw this page.

Onto my other favorite couple, Gray x Juvia. Juvia was also part of Phantom Lord and was sent to kidnap Lucy. Gray ends up in a fight with Juvia, and she instantly falls in love with him. Seeing how determined he is to save Lucy, Juvia gets jealous In order to keep Gray, she too joins Fairy Tail. These two have more development in the manga, especially the current arc, so I don't want to spoil it too much.  I can say that Gray has done multiple things to protect Juvia, and they have spent a lot of time together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this~! Share some of your favorite anime couples in the comments below, just don't bash each other's favorites. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.



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  1. Oh such cute anime.
    I love it when I was a kid

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  2. Amazing post dear!

  3. *SCREAMS* God I absolutely love Fairy Tail pairings and I'm so angry that none of them are officially Canon yet since they might as well be! I love the Gruvia and Gajevy ships, but my favorite ships are Nalu and Miraxus! ^_^

    Cute post!!
    Minae ♥ | Minaekei


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