Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costumes~!

 Hey Guys~!

So I'm always last minute when it comes to Halloween costumes. I usually throw something together the night before or the night of Halloween. Or I just do weird makeup. But today I'll be giving you guys two last minute costumes using stuff you probably already have or can get at a thrift store. Let's start~!


Dress - Sylvia Whyte II
Tights - Target
Hat - Amazon
Shoes - Anne Klein
If you have any hats with animal ears, you have an instant costume.  Here I have a fuzzy black hat with cat ears that I'm wearing with this cheetah print dress, black tights, and some black ballet flats. If you don't have an animal hat, you can make animal ears out of felt and attach them to a headband. There are tons of tutorials on the internet that'll show you how to do it.


My parrot looks like it's trying to eat my hair >w<
Bandana - Thrift store
Shirt - TJ maxx
Jeans - TJ maxx
Boots -  Guess
Parrot - Beanie Baby
All you need is a red bandana, a black and white striped shirt, jeans and some boots.  If you want to girl up this costume, wear a black and white striped dress if you have one. Also if you want add an eye patch and your parrot companion. I don't have an eye patch though ;_;

So those are my last minute costume ideas. I hope you guys like these and comment telling me if you tried any of these out. See you guys at my next post xo


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