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Announcement and My Top 5 Drugstore Lip Products~!

Hey Guys~!

And welcome to another top 5 list. Before we get started I just want you all to know I just got a Facebook Page~! There I will be posting everything from O.O.T.D. to previews for future posts. Also you'll be able to send me requests for posts. You can go to my page by clicking on the tap that says Facebook up there ^^^ or by clicking on this. Hope to see you guys there~!

Before you start this one, if you want to see my last top 5 list, click here. That one was about concealers. Today we'll be adventuring into the world of lip sticks, glosses, and stains. I'm not including lip balms (so that means no Baby Lips ;_;). But if you want a top 5 lip balms, comment at the bottom of the post or on my Facebook page (≧∇≦)

All of the lip products on my list are from the drugstore, only because I have no high end lip products currently. So you guys know what I was judging my lip products on, here's what makes a lip product great. It needs to either have staying power, I need to fall in love with the color and the texture. The list is in no particular order so let's get started~!

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters

Revlon is known for it's amazing lip products and these lip butters are awesome. I have four of them in the colors #25 Peach Parfait, a warm reddish peach color, #65 Creamsicle, a pale pink, #80 Strawberry Shortcake, a girly bubblegum pink, and #53 Sorbet, a beautiful tropical looking berry-pink. What I love about the lip butters so much is that they're moisturizing, the pigmentation is great, and they are build-able. I love wearing these to school or any event I go to. They are around eight or nine dollars, but they are worth it.

E.L.F. Matte Lip Colors


E.L.F. has made it's appearance on this top 5 list too. No surprise since I love a lot of E.L.F. products. The matte lip sticks are something at first I thought I wouldn't like. I'd heard most matte finish lip products were drying, but when I tried these I loved that they weren't. I have two of them in the colors Coral and Tea Rose. Coral, as the name states, is a coral matte lip color with pinky tones in it. Tea Rose is a grey toned purple color and I know that sounds kind of weird to some of you, but it's beautiful. It's more of a fall / winter color, but I would only wear this for a special occasion. The coral one is more wearable for everyday.

Maybelline Super Stay 10HR Stain Gloss

  This product is one of my favorites. Before this I'd never tried a lip stain. My friend told me they were drying, but I got it anyway. Mine is in the color #100 Pink Plush. It's a rosy-pink lip stain. It adds a great pop of color to your lips without overpowering the look. I don't know if these last ten hours, but I've worn this to school and it lasts throughout the whole day and I never touched it up. To apply the gloss I personally apply a light amount onto my lips and them blend it out with my finger. It feels very smooth and it smells kind of fruity, which I like. 

Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color

My first drugstore lip stick. I got this to wear at my middle school graduation and it's one of my favorite lip colors. The one I have in #903C in the shade Just Peachy. It's a peachy coral color with a matte finish. It applies smoothly, but I would wear a lip balm of your choice under it so it doesn't become too dry. I don't think it's too long lasting, but it's a beautiful everyday lip color. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

I've heard so much about these lip sticks, but I'd been skeptical to try one. But I gave into temptation and bought one of the creme formula ones in the shade #616 Wink For Pink. It's a wearable natural looking pink color. I love how it feels on my lips, it's smooth and light feeling. I've worn this to school, on dates, and on special occasions and it suits all of them. It gives a nice pinky look to your lips without overpowering the rest of your makeup. I do plan on getting more lip sticks from this line since this one is amazing.

 So there you all have it, my top five lip colors. If you have any requests for future top five lists, comment on the bottom on the post or on my Facebook page. See you all at my next post xo

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