Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Favorite Fall Nail Polishes~!

Hey Guys~!

Fall is slowly approaching, so now it's time to switch out shorts and sandals for boots and jeans. At the beginning of fall, I like to go though my makeup, clothes, and nail polish so I can figure out what to wear. So today here are my favorite fall nail polishes.

Metallic nail polishes are a huge trend this fall, so here's one I love from Sally Hansen. It's #817 Gold Roses and it's from the new Sally Hansen Fall 2013 Collection. It's a pinky gold nail polish and I love it. I love rose gold and this color is somewhat similar to that, though it is a little more pink than gold. It is a little expensive for a drugstore nail polish, but it was worth it to me since it's nothing like I own. If you want a more muted way of adding metallic nail polish to your look, use it to create a french manicure. Paint your nails with a nude polish and use the metallic polish to do your french tips. 

A great nude, or natural, looking nail polish is by Spoiled in the shade #5 My Button Fell Off. It's a pale pink and is great by itself or for a french manicure. I'm pretty sure you can only buy this brand of polish at CVS. I love Spoiled because the brush for their nail polish is wide so painting your nails is quicker. Also it's inexpensive compared to most drugstore nail polishes. 

Another good nude polish is from Sally Hansen and it's in the color#13 Sheer Vanilla. It's just your basic cream colored polish that gives your nails a nice, natural color. I've used this one for millions of french manicures and it's one of my absolute favorites.

One of my favorite nail polish colors is purple. In the fall my favorite purple polish to wear is from Jordana and it's in the color #979 Hypnotizing. It's a simple dark berry purple but it isn't too dark, which I like since super dark polishes on me look really bad. 

It can look very nice on it's own, but one way I like to make this polish more exciting and add more color is by applying a coat of a Sinful Colors nail polish in the shade #322 Let Me Go. It's a duo-chrome nail polish with flecks of purple, blue, and green. I like the affect it gives on top of many nail polishes and it looks best on top of colors with a cool or neutral undertone.

A wearable nail polish for any skin tone is grey. When I say grey you may be thinking that's a boring nail polish color. But what I love about grey is it can be a nice casual color, or you can dress it up with different finishes or nail art. A grey nail polish I love if by Confetti, which I'm pretty sure you can only get at CVS,  in the color #2 Lonesome Dove. It's a neutral undertone light grey polish. It would look great under Let Me Go by Sinful Colors or any other duo-chrome or glitter polish. A grey polish is so versatile and is a staple for anyone's nail polish collection.

Every season I have to have a red nail polish, it's an absolute must for me. I love a classic red nail color and my favorite for the fall is Dutch Tulips by OPI. It's a festive red and I wear it a lot in the fall. It has good lasting power too. It has a neutral undertone so it's wearable for anyone and will compliment any skin tone. I like how it looks on it's own, so I personally wouldn't do anything besides apply a top coat to this polish.(After writing this post, this nail polish exploded and I had to through it out ;_;)

So these are my fall nail polish favorites~! I hope you guys check out these polishes and comment with what your favorite fall products are. Hope to see you at my Facebook page {click here} and at my next post xo

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