Friday, September 6, 2013

☆D.I.Y.☆ Hair Bows~!

Hey Guys~!

At a lot of different clothing stores, I've seen multiple hair bows being sold. They can cost around $10.00, which I think is ridiculous. It's much more fun and cheaper to make it yourself. So, that's what I'll be showing you guys how to do make, a hair bow.


All you'll need is. . .


Thread that matches the color of the fabric

A needle or a sewing machine

Sewing pins

A hair clip or bobby pin

A ruler

Scissors (preferably fabric scissors)

Pencil or Chalk


Now let's start~!

Place your fabric, wrong side facing you, down on a flat surface. I'm just using a random table in my house. Then using your ruler and pencil, draw out a rectangle on your fabric that is 30cm x 17cm (these are the measurements I used for my bow.)  With your scissors, cut around the outline so you leave a tiny amount of space. This will help when your fabric starts to fray. If the sides of your fabric are already straight, you don't need to cut them. 

Fold the fabric in half, make sure the side with the pencil outline is facing you, and pin it together. Then with either a sewing machine, or you can hand sew it, sew up the open side that the pins are holding together. Sew along the pencil line we made earlier.

After it's all sewn up, flip it inside out. Then lie it out flat so the middle seem is facing you. With two pins mark the center placing one pin on each side of the line. To make sure it's centered, fold the fabric in half. 

Once you have centered it, fold both sides over so they meet in the center. Pinch the center where the two sides meet, this should create a bow. With two more pins, pin the bow into place.

Thread your needle and push it through the middle. Wrap the thread around the center of the bow tightly. Tie a knot so the thread doesn't unravel. When your bow is held together, you can take out the pins.

Measure and cut a piece of the same fabric, 8cm x 3cm. Fold it in half and pin the sides together. 

Sew it up either with a machine or by hand. Flip it inside out and flatten it so the seem is centered. 

Then sew the sides together. 

Cut off the excess fabric. Slip in a hair clip and that's it, you're done~!

I hope you guys enjoyed this super simple D.I.Y. and comment if you want to see more D.I.Y.s. 

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