Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stila In the Know Palette Review~!

Hey Guys~!

Today I'm here to review one of my favorite eye shadow palettes, Stila In the Know. It's my everyday palette and it's has a great selection of matte neutrals. And it comes with one of Stila's smudge stick waterproof eyeliners.  

The packaging isn't too flimsy, but not extremely sturdy. Its size isn't too big so it could be used for travel, but I'd recommend being careful with it since it could break. Besides that I like the packaging. It's light blue and the writing and stars are a shinny turquoise. It's simple and I think it works for this palette. The mirror inside is a decent size too.

As you can see there are ten eye shadows and an eyeliner within this palette. Like I said this palette is completely matte which I like because super glittery or shimmery eye shadows don't look good on me.

Because the photograph I took of the inside isn't the best quality, I'll describe the colors for you and post some swatches. . .


Air - A white shadow (not as pigmented as the other shadows)
Wind - A light cream shadow
Desert - A tan shadow
Clay - A light pinkish-brown shadow
Earth - A deep brown shadow


Driftwood - A warm toned brown shadow
Fire - A brick red shadow
Rain - A cool toned brown shadow
Smoke - A neutral grey shadow
Ebony - A deep black shadow

The full sized eyeliner that comes with the palette is in the color Halfmoon. It's a dark grey waterproof liner and I love it. It's well pigmented and really waterproof. It lasts for a long time without smudging under my eye, flaking, or fading.

Overall I really think this palette is extremely worth it to me. I got it six months ago and I've gotten a lot of uses out of it. I think it is a good investment if you. . .

1.) Wear neutrals A LOT
2.) Like matte eye shadow / Want an all matte palette
3.) Don't mind spending $39 on makeup

I hope this review was helpful to you if you plan on purchasing this palette~!

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