Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Inspired Nail Tutorial~!

Hey Guys~!

So today I felt like getting my nails ready for 4th of July in advanced and here's the look I created. . .

Here's where you'll need
- a base coat (I used Revlon's Nail Hardener)
- red nail polish (I used Revlon's Cherry Bon Bon)
- blue nail polish (I used Essie's Beach Bum Blu)
- white striper (I used Milani's Nail Art in White Canvas)
- glitter top coat (I used an LA Colors Color Craze Glitter Polish)
- a nail art brush (I used a cheap paint brush)
- Vaseline
::rhinestones are optional::

So let's get started~!

Apply a base coat
to protect and
strengthen your nails.
If you don't have a
base coat you can use
any clear nail polish
or nail hardener.
Then put on 2-3 coats
of any red nail polish
 of your choice. I used
Cherry Bon Bon by Revlon
cause it's a cherry red and
it smells like cherries :3

 Take your nail art brush (or a thin paint brush
and dip the tip in Vaseline. This will protect
the brush from drying out because of the nail polish.
Rub off any access Vaseline before dipping the
brush in your blue polish. I'm using Beach Bum
Blu from Essie. If you want to know more about
that polish, check out my previous blog post.
Pick a corner or two of your nail
and using the brush, lightly drag
the color so it looks like this. . .

Then with your white striper repeat
what you did with the blue nail polish,
but use it sparingly so you don't
cover up all of the blue.

Once that is dry apply a glitter top coat of
your choice. I used a silver glitter by LA
Colors. To add some more shine add a
rhinestone on the center of the fire work,
or take a glitter polish with larger pieces
of glitter and then applied that sparingly
on the center of the fireworks.

 And then you're done :)

I hope you enjoyed this nail art tutorial and have a great 4th of July~!

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