Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review~!

Hey Guys~!

Today I went out with my friend to the mall and I bought another Baby Lips from CVS. When I got home, I realized how many Baby Lips I own. One. . . two. . . three. . . four. . . five. . . SIX.  I never loved a lip product as much as I love these babies, so that's the subject of my post today, BABY LIPS~!

Like I said, I own a total of six Baby Lips, three from the original line and three of the limited edition ones.

The ones I have from the original line are #15 Cherry Me, #30 Peach Kiss, and #10 Peppermint.

Cherry Me adds a nice red tint to your lips without being as pigmented as a lipstick, but it still shows up.

Peach Kiss is a natural peachy nude tint and I recommend it as an everyday lip product.

Peppermint is my newest Baby Lips. It's clear, but extremely moisturizing and it has SPF 20.

The limited edition ones I own are #50 Twinkle, #60 Melon Mania, and #70 Coral Crush.

Twinkle looks like it could be a light pink when you look at it, but it's actually clear. It gives a lip gloss type look to whatever you're wearing under it and it gives a shine to natural lips.

Melon Mania gives a tropical pink tint to your lips. It's one of the well pigmented ones like Cherry Me. Personally I wear this color a lot during the summer.

Coral Crush isn't exactly coral, it's more orange tint. I recommend this for warmer skin tones since it doesn't look too good on my pale skin.

I first tried out Baby Lips a year ago. The one I bought was Cherry Me because I couldn't afford any of the red lip products I wanted. I'd heard good things about Baby Lips and about some of them being pigmented, So  I gave Cherry Me a go and I fell in love with it. It felt super moisturizing which I loved since I have kind of chapped lips.

I recommend Baby Lips to all my friends since it's a light feeling product with both pigment and moisturizing properties. I always like to carry one of them with me as my lip balm.

If you've never tried one before, I recommend starting with either Peach Kiss or Peppermint. Peach Kiss has a natural every day look. Peppermint is clear, but it has a minty scent and having it on your lips / near your mouth helps freshen your breath.

I hope this review was helpful to you guys and I hope you enjoyed it~!

Also I hope to post my take on the $20 Makeup Challenge by the end of the week.

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