Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gradient Snowflake Nail Art {Inspired by Frozen}~!

Hey Guys~!

I said in my December Favorites post I really liked the movie Frozen. Because I just love it, I thought I'd do a nail art look inspired by Elsa {♥who I love and find easy to relate to♥} and the beautiful winter animation. It's a blue gradient with some painted and glitter snowflakes. It doesn't require many tool and is simple to recreate. 

You'll Need. . .

A base coat

Three differnt shades of blue nail polish

White nail polish

Glitter top coat

Dotting tool

Makeup Sponge

First apply base coat and then the darkest shade of blue. The one I'm using is called Coat Azure by Essie, I know it isn't super dark but it's the darkest color I own. Apply 2-3 coats so it's opaque and let it dry.

Then dab the next shade of blue on the nail with a sponge from the tip of the nail to about half way up. Apply it lightly cause you don't want to rip off the other color. The blue should be lighter than the base color, but darker than the lightest. The color I'm using is Bikini so Teeny by Essie.

Apply the lightest shade of blue, I'm using Borrowed & Blue by Essie, using a sponge on the tip of the nail. This will complete the light to dark gradient. If you want to, apply a tiny amount of white on the tip of the nail, just for added dimension.

Using a dotting tool, dot on white nail polish all around to create little snowflakes.

When they're dry apply a glitter over coat and you're done~~!

I hope you guys liked this simple winter nail art. Comment telling me what you think of it. See you at my next post.



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  1. I love your nails! So cute x)

    ✿ Rinako ✿


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