Saturday, January 18, 2014

Common White Girl Tag~!

Hey Guys~!

My friend has wanted me to do this tag for a while now. I've always thought this tag was kind of stupid, but it's a three day weekend and I have nothing to do {except study for exams ;_;} so . . . yeah I'm just going to start~~!

Favorite Starbucks drink? 

I don't like coffee, so I'll say Strawberries and Cream Frappucino with whipped cream on top. I get it any time I go to Starbucks even if it's winter. I just love strawberries
kawaii strawberry photo: Strawberry blinkingstrawberry.gif

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

It depends on what I'm doing that day. If I'm going to school maybe 20-30 minutes.
How many selfies do you take on a daily basis? 

None~~! My phone can't take selfies

How many IG followers and pics do you have? 

Zero and Zero. I don't have an Instagram and I don't really want one

Do you ever say "LOL" or "OMG" out loud?

No. . . who says 'LOL' out loud~? 〈(゜。゜)
Do you wear the same clothing item more than once?

Yes. I have six or seven over-sized sweaters and I wear them constantly. 

Are you racist? 

How many tweets do you have?

Ten. . . I haven't used twitter in months, but if you guys follow me I might get back into it
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Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr?

What do you spend most of your time doing?

Either doing art{drawing, painting, sewing, etc.} or homework
sewing photo: sewing sewing.gif

Who are your favorite YouTubers?

If we're talking about beauty gurus some of my favorites are: Michelle Phan, KlairedelysArt, and Bubzbeauty

If we're talking in general some of my favorites are: albinwonderland, TheMostPopularGirls, ShadowACS, iiSuperwomanii, and BanzaiPro 
How often do you do your nails?

Two or three times a week, it depends on how much work I have to do
Are you a shopaholic?

. . . yes . . . 
kawaii shopping photo: shopping 286.gif

How many times have you watched Mean Girls?

Five or six times, I'm not sure
Do you own a lot of clothes?

I have a good amount of clothes, most of it I don't wear anymore and I need to donate it
Do you take pictures of your food before you eat it?

No. . . that's kind of weird (◎-◎;)
Do you wear makeup everyday?

No, I wear it to school, but not on the weekend
kawaii makeup photo:  makeup.jpg 

What are your average grades in school?

A's and B's
How do you usually style your hair?

I just leave my hair natural, I'm too lazy to fix it up
Do you always look presentable?

No~! If I'm just hanging with friends, I'm a mess. 

So those were all the questions. I'm not going to tag anyone to do this, but feel free to answer these questions either in the comments or on your own blog. Link it here and I'll check it out. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I'll see you at my next post.



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