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Favorite Pokemon from X&Y~!

Hey Guys~!

Who's ready for another non - beauty post~? I am cause I feel like you guys deserve to know a little more about me than you do.

So I finally beat Pokemon X a few days ago, I hadn't had time to play recently but now my schedule is less busy. Afterwards I spent a lot of time thinking about which of the new Pokemon were my favorites, so I came up with my top ten. These are my favorites and I'm not trying to influence you guys in anyway. That was my disclaimer, so let's start~~!

10.) Yveltal

I do have the X version but I do also like the Y legendary, Yveltal. Basically it's a death bird ✖_✖ and it's got a great design. It kind of reminds me of Cheshire from Pandora Hearts . . .  I don't think I'd go buy Pokemon Y just so I could have a Yveltal, so for now I'll just admire it from afar.

9.) Doublade

Pokemon that are based off of inanimate objects often get a lot of hate. But I like a lot of them, especially Doublade.  I remember when Doublade was first introduced and everyone thought it looked stupid. Personally I thought it was a good evolution. I prefer how Doublade looks compared to it's pre-evolution Honedge. I think the colors in it's regular form make it look very elegant.

8.) Skrelp - Dragalge
I always really liked sea horses. Horsea's evolution line used to be the only sea horse line, but now they're is another one. Although Skrelp and Dragale may not look the prettiest, I like them. However they were a Pokemon Y exclusive so I could never get one during my play through of the game. Still I really like them and I hope we get more sea horse Pokemon in the future.

7.) Klefki

Another inanimate object Pokemon~! I didn't really use the one I caught in my game, but it is really useful in the Friend Safari and in battle with it's ability Prankster which allows all status moves to get priority. And I don't know why, but I just think Klefki is really cute (〃^▽^〃)

6.) Floette

I really liked the idea of the Fairy type and most of the new Fairy type Pokemon I really liked. One of them is Floette. I used this Pokemon in my team from the beginning and I love it. It has a cute design and a move set that includes grass moves, which makes it useful in battle. Also I love how the flower it holds can be different colors, the one I have has an orange flower

5.) Xerneas

Okay. . . how could I not include the X legendary~? One of the reason I like this Pokemon a lot is because of a story. I'll sum it up quickly so you aren't reading this all day. Ever since I was a kid, my family and I would go visit my uncle who lives in a forest area. There we always looked for deer and one day I actually fed a wild deer. I always thought deer were such delicate yet strong creatures and I think Xerneas fits that perfect.

4.) Fennekin - Braxien (Not Delphox)

When I first saw the new starters I knew I was going to pick Fennekin. I just have a thing for pet looking Pokemon V●ᴥ●V And when I saw Braxien and found out it would be a Fire/Psychic Pokemon, I counted down the days to when X&Y came out. I really like both of their designs, but I don't care for it's final evolution Delphox. It just doesn't look right to me, but Fennekin and Braxien will always be loved ☆゚.*・。゚

3.) Sylveon

I did say I liked the new Fairy type so how could this cutie not be included in my list~? I've always been a fan of Eevee and it's many evolutions. They have always been some of my favorite Pokemon to have on my team. Once Sylveon was introduced, I fell in love with it's design. The color palette used for it fit the Fairy type perfectly and I've always loved pastel colors.

2.) Vivillon

This one has a story behind it, but that's for another post. But anyway butterflies will always have a special meaning to me. I've always caught the butterfly Pokemon in each game I've ever played. When X&Y came out, a week or so prior I was going through a lot emotionally. Seeing this happy little butterfly made me smile and I've been trying to collect all the different wing patterns now.

1.) Espurr - Meowstic

I've always liked Psychic type Pokemon, but I'm sure why. I had never seen Espurr till I ran into one in my game. I just thought it looked so sad but cute at the same time. What I later found out was that depending on it's gender, when it evolved it had a different form. Mine was female and I love that Pokemon paid attention to detail, giving the players two Pokemon in one. Both have different move sets, making they easy to fit into any team. And even though the female one looks really intimidating, I still think it's super cute =^● ⋏ ●^=

So those were my favorite Pokemon from X and Y. Leave me a comment telling me what else you want to know about me and I'll try to share something else about me with you guys. See you at my next post.



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