Thursday, November 28, 2013

Get Ready With Me {Thanksgiving Edition}~!

Hey Guys~!

Tonight I'm going to a holiday/Thanksgiving party, so I'll be showing you guys how I'm getting ready.

I've already taken a shower and washed my face, so now it's Makeup Time~!

For my base I used the Clean and Clear Hydrating Gel Moisturizer all over my face. Then a put on some lip balm to moisturize my lips.

Now for the actual makeup part. First I applied my Covergirl + Olay Eye Rehab in 320 Fair/Light. Next I used my Skin79 Super+ B.B. Cream and I applied it with my hands so it absorbs better into the skin. To set everything I used the L'Oreal True Match powder in the shade N1 Soft Ivory. 

For the eyes I started with my ELF eyelid Primer in Sheer and applied it all over my lids. Then I lightly filled in my brows using the Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit. 

For my eyeshadow I'm using colors for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. First I applied the color Half Baked, a shimmery gold, all over my lids. Next taking a blending brush and the color Dark Horse, a dark brown with flecks of gold, apply it into the crease and blend it into the gold. With a small angled brush and the color Half Baked, blend it along the lower lash line. Then with the same brush apply Dark Horse on the outer lower lash line. Lastly I used the color Virgin, a shimmery highlight color, on the inner corner and brow bone. 

Then using my Rimmel Scandaleyes liner in #1 Black, I applied it to my tight line, upper lash line and lower lash line. And now I curl my lashes and apply mascara. I used the Maybelline Mega Plush and then Maybelline The Rocket on top of it. 

For my cheeks I used Benefit's Box Powder in Dandelion and dusted it over my cheeks. 

I applied another layer of lip balm before my lip stick. The lip color I used was Revlon Super Lustrious in #616 Wink for Pink. 

For my hair I used the Not my Mother's Kinky Moves Hair Cream to scrunch my hair and created curls and volume. 

For my nails I decided to wear this set of imPRESS nails called Casting Call. The color is a deep burgundy color, which I thought would look great for the fall/winter. For my toes, I painted them in Sally Hansen's Pat on Black and it's a deep purple color. This is the  old packaging so I don't know if the color exists anymore.

Now time for the outfit~!

Dress: Target
Belt: Wet Seal
Tights: Forever21
Shoes: Bass Outlet
Necklace: Forver21
Ring: Forever21
Earrings: Forever21

Hope you guys liked this post. If you did and you think I should do more 'Get Ready With Me' posts, comment telling me. See you guys at my next post




  1. I love that lip color, it's very natural and pretty. ^u^

    I can't see the shoes, though. I think they got cut off from the picture. ;v;

    1. Thanks >w<
      I knew I forgot something -.-"


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