Thursday, May 21, 2015

30 Day Anime Challenge {Day #2 Anime You Re-Watch the Most}~!

Hey Guys~!

Who remembers me posting Day #1 and never finishing the challenge~? I decided to start this back up, since I do want you guys to learn more about me, besides what makeup I like and etc. Today I'm doing Day #2 for the 30 Day Anime Challenge, and if you guys enjoy it, I can continue the challenge, maybe posting a day once a week? Let me guys know what you would like. So let's start~~!

Day #2's Question is: What Anime do you Re-Watch the Most~?

For me, there is a tie between three anime, all of which I love but for different reasons. These anime are Ouran High School Host Club, Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt, and 11Eyes.

Let's start with Ouran~! I know everyone who has ever heard of anime has seen or heard of Ouran, and I think it was the third or fourth anime I'd ever seen. It's about this girl, Haruhi, who attends Ouran Academy through scholarship, and while trying to study runs into the Ouran High School Host Club where hilarity and romance ensue. I have watched it both subbed and dubbed, both casts are amazing, and I really just love the characters. If you like romantic comedy, this is a great one.

Now for a complete opposite, we have Panty and Stocking~! Warning, do not watch this if you are under the age of like 16, just cause it does have dirty humor, which I personally enjoy. Panty and Stocking is about two angels kicked out of Heaven and in order to get back they need to kill ghosts. The art style is really unique, and reminds me of Powerpuff Girls. This is basically Powerpuff Girls for adults. I have watched this show multiple times in order, or selected certain episodes, since there really isn't a central plot you need to follow.

Lastly we have one of my favorites of all time, 11Eyes~! I wish more people knew about this anime, it's amazing~! It's a psychological/action/horror anime about six friends who end up being transported into another dimension where they are being attacked. I can't say much else without spoiling, because there is a lot of mystery throughout the show. The characters are all really interesting, and you do grow attached to them through their struggle to survive.

Alright, that was Day #2~! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Share some of your most re-watched anime in the comments below, I love having new recommendations of anime to watch. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.


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  1. oh wow Host Club =D I love Host Club <3

  2. Oh I'm tempted to give my answer but I want to do this challenge on my anime review site too. ^w^

    Out of the three anime you've mentioned, I've only seen Ouran. :) I'm now curious about 11eyes.

    Dawn |

  3. I can totally agree with Ouran, it's an anime I can re-watch all the time, it never gets old!
    Great post~

    Minae |


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