Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Elf Studio Blushes {Candid Coral and Twinkle Pink} Review~!

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With all the lip product reviews recently, I decided to instead post a blush review. Well actually I'll be reviewing two different shades of blush and they're the Studio Blushes from Elf. I am a huge fan of Elf cosmetics, especially their Studio Line. Today I'll be reviewing the two colors I own and I hope you enjoy it. So let's start~~!

The packaging is quite simple, just a smooth matte black compact. When you open them, they have mirrors, but they're kind of small. I do like that the packaging isn't super clunky and bulky, making it easy to travel with these.

In the line, there are eleven different shades, ranging in color. I really like seeing a wide range of colors, so then there is something for everyone. The two I own are Candid Coral and Twinkle Pink.

Candid Coral is a muted warm toned coral color with flecks of gold and mauve shimmer.

Here's a swatch of Candid Coral . . .

The formula is a little chalky when swatching, but as you can see, it's really pigmented otherwise. The gold shimmer isn't super noticeable, which I like, and when I wear it, it gives my skin a nice glow. Because the color itself is so natural, the glow makes the skin look really healthy. 

Twinkle Pink is a watermelon pink with larger flecks of gold shimmer.

Here's a swatch of Twinkle Pink . . .

The color itself I like, and it is pigmented. However there is just too much shimmer for me in the blush. There are large flecks of glitter and it is visible when you're wearing it. I hate really glittery products on my face, and the glitter really ruins this blush for me.

You can purchase these blushes at either Target or on the Elf Cosmetics website. Both places they cost $3, which is really affordable for a drugstore blush. The quality is really nice for the price, especially compared to other drugstore blushes.


   Candid Coral

   Twinkle Pink

I do like these blushes, but I like Candid Coral significantly more. Twinkle Pink is too glittery for me, while Candid Coral is more of a shimmery of satin finish blush. Besides that, they are well pigmented and for the price, they really are a great product. I do want to try some of the other shades, but Candid Coral for now is my favorite and I totally recommend it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review~! If you guys have tried out the Elf Studio Blushes, let me know your opinions in the comments below. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.


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  1. I've never tried any of the Elf blushes but it seems like it could be a nice substitute as a bronzer :O


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