Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Favorite Spring Nail Polishes~!

Hey Guys~!

Spring is hopefully approaching soon, so I thought I'd share my favorite spring nail polishes with you guys. I love wearing pastel colors, so keep in mind a lot of these polishes will be pastel colors. So let's start~~!


 Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen: It's a pretty pastel green polish with no shimmer or glitter. It has a nice shiny finish. I'm not too fond on green nail polish on me, but this looks really sweet and cute. It lasts a really long time without chipping too.

Magarita Senorita by Confetti: It is a sunshine yellow, but not neon bright, which I like. This is one of the few yellow nail polishes I've tried that actually has some pigmentation. Usually yellow polishes leave a sickly yellow cast, but this one is quite nice looking.

Lacey Lilac by Sally Hansen: I said I like pastel nail polishes, okay? This one is a pastel lilac color with no shimmer or glitter. It's really opaque and lasts really well too. It looks really dainty when worn with anything and it brings a nice pop of color.

Glass Pink by Sinful Colors: It's a pale pink with flecks of many different colors, mostly gold and silver. The best was to describe the finish is opalescent. It is sheer, so either apply this over an opaque pale pink polish, or just put on multiple coats of this till it's to your liking.

Coral Reef by Sally Hansen: It's a bright coral pink. I hate bright polishes, but this one is such a wearable spring color. It looks really nice with just about anything and is also a great summer time nail polish too.

So those were some of my favorite spring time nail polishes. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite nail polish for spring. Thanks for reading and I'll see you at my next post.




  1. To be honest, during spring and summer you'll always find bright or pastel colours on our nails..we just love them. Mint Sorbet is definitely one of our favourites, and we're not really sure why, but white also looks great, especially with a healthy tan!


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