Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dolly Eye Makeup~!

Hey Guys~!

Today I'll be showing you how I do my doll inspired eye makeup. This look may not be for everyone, but I really like effect it gives my eyes. So let's start~~!

I already applied my base makeup, so let's go straight to the eyes. First I applied my eye primer from ELF. This will make the colors last longer and look more vivid.

Next I applied a pale pink eyeshadow all over my lid up to the brow bone using my finger. This one is from Sephora and sadly the color was discontinued.

For the rest of the eye shadow I'm using this palette by The Color Workshop. Taking a reddish brown eyeshadow and a fluffy blending brush, define the outer corner and blend it with the pink to create a gradient between the two. Also blend it into the crease to create the illusion of deep set eyes.

Then taking the same reddish brown on a small angled brush, line the outer lower lash line. This creates a more defined eye. With the same angled brush and a white eyeshadow, highlight the inner corner and line the inner lower lash line. Blend where the two colors meet to create a subtle transition.

To create the illusion of bright dolly eyes, apply white or nude eyeliner to your water line. I used a nude one from Rimmel cause it looks more natural than a white eyeliner.

Now onto mascara. First curl your lashes to open up the eyes even more. Then apply a lengthening mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Apply multiple coats to your upper lashes only, this will create the look of thicker lashes.  If they clump together brush through them using a brow comb.

And now we're finished~~!

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Comment if you liked it and I'll see you at my next post.




  1. muy guapa, gracias por psarte por mi blog


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