Friday, March 28, 2014

Anime Boston 2014 {Dangan Ronpa Meetup+Haul}~!

Hey Guys~!

So this past weekend was Anime Boston~! That's why I've kind of been busy the past few weeks, but now I'll be telling you guys all about it. I went on Friday and Saturday. I wanted to go on Sunday, but I got really sick. So let's start~~!

On Friday my friend Tiffany and I went after school to the convention center. I wasn't really in cosplay, I just wore a cosplay wig with the outfit I was wearing earlier that day.

We went to an event called Anime Unscripted, which was an improve performance done by some of the voice actors attending the convention. There I got to meet one of my favorite voice actors, Christina Vee. She's voiced one of my favorite anime characters, Kanaria from Rozen Maiden. The event also had Patrick Seitz, Matthew Mercer and John Stocker.

For the rest of Friday, Tiffany and I just met up with some friends and hung out around the convention center. We found two Mondo and Ishimaru cosplayers and they took this really nice picture for us. On our way home, we got lost trying to find the train station entrance, but we eventually found it.

Now onto Saturday~~!

I woke up really early to get ready because that was the day I did one of my dream cosplays, Touko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa. I've talked about it before in a favorites post and it is one of my favorite anime/video games. So of course I went as my favorite character, Fukawa.

And yes, I made the cosplay myself, by hand. So Tiffany and I met up with some of our other friends. Together we went to the Dangan Ronpa Meetup / Photoshoot. It was so much fun getting to meet the people I'd been talking to online for months. Everyone was really nice and whenever we ran into each other around the convention we'd always chit chat.

Also my friend Tiffany and I did a brief photoshoot inside of Barnes and Nobles. It came out really nice and if you want to see those pictures, they'll probably be on my Deviantart. {Click here to check them out.}

During both Friday and Saturday I did a bit of shopping inside the dealers room. So I thought I'd show you guys all the really cute/cool things I bought.

First I got this Shappo plushie from Sentimental Circus. It's super cute and I just love anything Sentimental Circus. It is really detailed and soft too.

I wanted to get something practical that I'd use daily, so I got this pencil. I don't know why, but I love strawberry anything and this pencil is covered in them.

I have a tradition of getting a key chain at every convention I go to. So I got a Kanaria from Rozen Maiden key chain. It's really cute and now I have three out of the six Rozen Maidens.

So that was all I got at Anime Boston~~!

I hope you guys enjoyed this convention recap/haul post. If you did, please leave me a comment. Thanks for reading and I'll see you at my next post.




  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I wish I could have come! c:

    1. I wish you could've too. It wasn't the same without you fumbling with my cosplays xD

  2. Lovely cosplay dear~ You bought very cute things! **

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