Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Favorite Anime to Watch on Halloween {Collaboration with Minae}~!

Hey Guys~!

It's only ten days away from Halloween, and this year it's on a Saturday which means dressing up and partying all night. For me, part of that party is always watching some anime while I get ready. Today Minae and I have another anime collaboration where we'll be sharing what our favorite anime to watch on Halloween are. Some will be scary/gore, others will be cute, or creepy, or have cute little monsters. Anyway, hopefully there is something for everyone on this list. So let's start~~!

If You're Looking for Scary Watch . . .

Higurashi When They Cry
A great psychological horror anime. For me, it wasn't super scary, but there are some gorey scenes. I can't really explain the plot without spoiling things, so I'll just say that there's a group of friends and at a local festival, everything goes wrong. There's a mystery, so if you enjoy trying to solve things, you will enjoy it.

Tokyo Ghoul 
A fan favorite of the anime community at the moment. It's about a college student, Kaneki Ken, goes on a date that ends with him becoming half ghoul, human eating creature. For me, the only scary part was the last episode of the first season. Other than that, there is some great action, characters, and emotional scenes. I haven't see the second season, so I can't recommend that to you. 

If You're Looking for Gore Watch . . .

I watched this over the summer, and normally anime gore doesn't bother me, and I could't sleep for days after finishing it. A middle school classroom is cursed by the dead, and unless they kill a certain person, they all will die. If you are squeamish, do not watch this.  I am warning you.

If You're Looking for Supernatural Creatures Watch . . .

Is This a Zombie?
One of my favorite guilty pleasures. There are so many supernatural creatures, a zombie (duh), a necromancer, vampire ninjas, and magical girls, and they all are living together. There is some perverted humor, which I enjoy, and some actions scenes. I recommend watching the dub, because I find it funnier there. Also there are two seasons, and I fully recommend watching both of them.

Seraph of The End
I have talked about how much I love this anime in countless posts. So if you are new here, Seraph of the End is about vampires killing the adults with a disease and then using the children for their blood. Yuu and his friend Mika plan an escape, that goes horribly wrong. Now Yuu, and his new friends, are fighting to stop the vampires at all cost. The second half of the first season just started, and I'm super excited for it. 

If You're Looking for Cuteness Watch . . .

Rozen Maiden
I know dolls scare some people, but this anime, excluding the fourth season, is just pure cuteness. Each of the dolls have their own distinct personality and powers, so you will have at least one favorite. Some moments are sad, but overall it's a very cheerful and happy anime. The fourth season is creepy, but the creepy-cuteness works for Halloween. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my list of anime recommendations to watch on Halloween. Check out Minae's list by {clicking here.} In the comments below share your favorite anime that get you in the Halloween spirit. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.



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  1. I would like to watch your recommendations for Halloween!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and
    I follow you now ♡


  2. I have never watched anime but I will do now after reading this as I am intrigued :)

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  3. I've read Minae's post, I tot that u two will have the same list since its a collaboration post, but actually its different hehe. I find out that Is this a zombie? and Rozen Maiden are interesting to watch ^^ thanks for sharing

    Tori Chu

  4. I´m not sure what is most funny, the fact that I saw all the animes that you mention or the fact that I didn't like any of those series. Thanks for the recommendation But all that series are bad for me.


  5. Great post.



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