Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Back to School Fashion Essentials~!

Hey Guys~!

It's back to school season again, which I know no one is excited about. But I thought I'd pump you all, and myself, up for back to school shopping~~! I hate going back to school, but buying a new wardrobe always makes me optimistic for the new year. Today I thought I'd share with all of you the essential pieces of clothing I think you should have in your wardrobe for back to school. All of them are from either Forever21, Urban Outfitters, or Dresslink. So let's start~~!

A Pair of Jeans

No matter what, a simple pair of jeans is necessary. They go with just about anything and it's super easy to come up with outfits with them. There are tons of different styles; you can get different washes, colors, patterns, with or without rips, etc. Personally I like these jeans from Forever21. They are the Classic Faded Skinny Jeans, {click here} to check them out. These are a light wash skinny jean with no rips, so you can make them either casual or dress them up a little depending on what you wear with them. 

Casual Dress

 During the school years, there are many times, that if you're like me, you'll oversleep. Those days you need to focus on making sure you're prepared for school, and not what you're wearing. A great thing that you can just throw on is a casual dress. I found this one on Dresslink, {click here} to check it out. I liked the pastel color, since it will add some brightness to your look and you'll look like you spent a lot of time getting ready.

  "Little Black Dress"

Along the lines of having a casual dress, a little black dress is something everyone should have. I know that sounds a little cliche, but it's so true. Often there are events, both in school and outside of school that you need to dress up for; such as a school dance, a party, job interview, etc. By having such a basic dress in your wardrobe, you can create tons of looks by wearing different accessories, jackets, shoes, etc. I really liked the scalloped neck line of this one from Urban Outfitters, {click here} to check it out.
A Sweater or Jumper

 If you really aren't into dresses, but you want something else you can just throw on, a sweater or jumper is a great option. They can be worn with leggings, jeans, shorts, or skirts, making them really versatile. I like having a few plain solid colored ones, and a few with either cute details or graphics. The one on the left is from Forever21, {click here} to check it out, and the one on the right is from Urban Outfitters, {click here} to check it out. I now realized that both of the ones I showed are blue, but feel free to get any color you like.

Black Flats
 Everyone needs a shoe that can be thrown on and go with any outfit. Flats are that shoe. They are great for everyday or for special occasions. Because there is no heel, they're easy to walk in and won't cause you any pain. These ones are from Forever21, {click here} to check them out, and I liked these because of the round toe box, but get whatever you like. There are tons of places that sell simple shoes like these so you'll definitely find something that suites your style.

 When you are running around school or wanting to know when class will end, you'll need a watch to look at. I love wearing watches to school because I don't have to get my phone out of my bag to check the time. There are tons of different watches available and they are sold everywhere. This one is from Dresslink, {click here} to check it out. And I picked this one cause the clock face has a floral print and I love floral~~!


 I personally don't like wearing sweatshirts to school. But I do want to stay warm on those chilly days, so something I suggest getting is a cardigan. They come in many different colors, patterns, and styles, all of which range in thickness. I like having a few thin ones for the warmer months and some thicker ones for the cold months. This one is from Forever21, {click here} to check it out. I really liked the color selection for this one, especially the dusty rose color as seen in the picture. 


The last essencial I think you should have are some boots. There isn't a particular style I think everyone should have, but just have something that is easy to walk in, so no thin heels~~!! For a casual boot, I love combat boots like these from Dresslink, {click here} to check them out. Last year I had a pair that were similar to these but were a light brown color. I really like them cause they're super comfy and went with just about any outfit. So I think they're great.

Those were my back to school fashion essentials. If you want more back to school themed posts, let me know in the comments below. I either want to do a look book of outfits I wear or a makeup tutorial. Let me know which one you'd prefer. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.





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