Sunday, June 8, 2014

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara Review~!

Hey Guys~!

Today I'll be reviewing the newest mascara from the L'Oreal Voluminous line, Miss Manga. Recently I went to the drugstore with my friend and we saw this mascara. Instantly I wanted to try it, mostly for the name cause I thought it was adorable. I've been testing it out for the past few days and I now have a clear opinion on it. So let's start~~!

Here's the packaging for this mascara. I took a picture of it off the internet because mine got damaged when I tried to open the mascara. But still I hope you all can see how cute it is. The cute little chibi characters in the background make the packaging really pretty to look at. I just wish the tube was slightly more interesting to look at, since I found it kind of bland compared to the background. 


The mascara comes in a few different shades, but I got the one in Blackest Black. Also I've seen advertisements for this mascara in blue and purple. On the website this mascara claims to get those hard to reach lashes with an even application and to create over sized volume, 15x the volume.  Also it's L'Oreal's first mascara with a flexible wand. 

Here's the before and after shot of the mascara. On the left is my eyelashes bare, just curled, and on the right is my lashes curled and with one coat of the mascara on my upper and lower lashes.

It gave my lashes a lot of length and volume. I really like how it made my lashes look, but I have tried other mascaras that give my lashes more volume.

The wand is unlike most mascara wands I've ever used. It has a bristle brush, which isn't like most drugstore mascaras that have a plastic or rubber brush. Also it bends which I thought would make application harder and messy. But it makes it easy to get the lashes in the inner corner and on the lower lash line.

One of the problems I have with this mascara is that there isn't a waterproof formula offered. Personally I prefer to use waterproof mascara, so I was disappointed when I couldn't find it. If you know if it exists in waterproof, please let me know in the comments.

Price wise it's okay. Most drugstore mascaras I buy around around $6 - $8. This was around $8, but plus tax made it $9. So normally I probably wouldn't have bought this. But I did have a dollar off coupon from L'Oreal, which made it to about $7.


I think this mascara is alright. I like how it applies and the packaging. But I can't look past the fact that a waterproof option isn't offered. If you don't mind that, this product is great if you want a lengthening and volumizing mascara without spending a lot.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about the product shown in the review, leave a comment and I'll be sure to answer it. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.




  1. I've been kind of curious about this mascara, especially the turquoise one. I hear it's quite pigmented, even if it doesn't give great volume or length. c:

  2. sounds like a good product :) I'm glad it is washable since most waterproof formulas make my lashes shed like crazy


  3. Fantastic!

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    Kisses from Italy

  4. Very helpful and interesting post.


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