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L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows Review Part #2~!

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A long time ago I reviewed some L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows in a post, {click here to read it if you haven't yet.} Looking back on it, I thought the post was a little lacking in information on the product and I've wanted to redo the review. 

Recently I got a few more and I thought I'd review them for you guys, since these are starting to become a favorite of mine. So let's start~~!

The packaging is the same as the other L'Oreal Eyeshadows, it's a small pot with a stopper and a screw on lid. They're really compact, which I like for travel and storing my makeup, but I recently noticed something about them.

When you purchase them, there's no protective seal on the product to prevent them from being opened before purchase, which I thought was slightly unsanitary since I am putting this shadow on my eye and someone else could've touched it before me.

In the line, including their limited edition collections and the discontinued shades, there's a huge color selection. On the L'Oreal website there are 24 shades offered, of which there are many neutral and colorful options. I appreciate it when a line of product offers a variety of color, cause then there is always something for everyone.

The two shadows in particular I'll be reviewing are from the original line. They are #892 Amber Rush and #888 Iced Latte. Amber Rush is a metallic rose gold shade and Iced Latte is a shimmery champagne color.

On the L'Oreal website it promises that these shadows have magnified pigmentation, luxurious powder to cream texture, 24 hour wear, waterproof, crease resistant, and fade resistant. I decided to test each of these claims to give you guys a more in depth review.  

As you can see in the swatches, both colors are very vibrant and I didn't even put a primmer under them. So I do agree with the claim of high pigmentation.

Texture wise, I do think they're very nice. Amber Rush in my opinion has more of a creamy texture compared to Iced Latte. Iced Latter feels a bit chalky and powdery too.

I don't think anyone wears eyeshadow for 24 hours straight, but when I do wear these to school they last a significant amount of time. On those days, I have them on for six to eight hours and they still are vibrant. However I have noticed when I wear Iced Latte, it does fade a bit when I wear it in my inner corner.

To test how waterproof these eyeshadows are, I ran my swatches under warm water. Here's the result and a comparison photograph. I was surprises that these eyeshadows are actually waterproof. I ran them under hot and cold water and all I noticed was that the shade Iced Latte was a little dull. But they didn't wash off or anything.

When I wear a primmer with these eyeshadows, I've never had problems with creasing. Except I have noticed when I wear these shadows in my inner corner, it does clump a bit if that makes sense.

If I wear these shadows in my inner corner, I do notice they fade, so they are fade resistant. But there still is color, just not as vibrant as it is when I first applied it.

These eyeshadows are around $8 - $9 a piece, which for a single eyeshadow from the drugstore, it's expensive. For that same price I could buy a drugstore eyeshadow duo, trio, or eyeshadow palette {depending on the brand of course.} But I do feel like these eyeshadows have a luxurious quality to them, which to me makes sense that they're a little pricy.

Packaging: ♥ 
Shade Selection: ♥ 
Pigmentation: ♥ 
Texture: ♥ 
Lasting Power: ♥ 
Waterproof: ♥ 
Crease Resistance: ♥ 
Fade Resistance: ♥ 
Price: ♥ 
Overall: ♥ 

Before trying these out for myself, I'd heard a lot of good things about them. I do agree with them, since I think these eyeshadows are great. However when I take into consideration the claims made by the L'Oreal website, than this product has some faults. I will say they aren't the best eyeshadows like everyone says they are, but I still do enjoy these and will continue to use them.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Please leave me a comment if you did and tell me if you want me to create an eyeshadow look using these shades of the Infallible Eyeshadows. Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll see you at my next post.




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